First of all, if you have any questions, feel free to comment! I'd be more than happy to answer your question as good as possible!!

Materials used :

- PIC 18F452 Microcontroller ( any PIC microcontroller with enough pins will do )

- 7 Segment common anode LED display

- 24 Mhz Crystal

- A couple resistors

- Shitloads of jumper wire

- Flowcode V5 software

Step 1: Making the Connections

For this, you will have to check the datasheet of your display,

This is the datasheet of the display i used :


As you can see, pin 8 and 3 connect to +Vdd

and all the other pins have to go to -Vcc

You could use a resistor on every individual led, but to save time and space i used a single resistor on the common anode or cathode pin.( I used a 220R resistor but it varies )

Now, the real connections

I will list which LED segment should connect to which port :

Segment A -> PORT B0

Segment B -> PORT B1

Segment C -> PORT B2

Segment D -> PORT B3

Segment E -> PORT B4
Segment F -> PORT B5

Segment G -> PORT B6
Segment DT (if you have a dot segment ) -> PORT B7

And your common pin should go to -> PORT A3

Step 2: On to Flowcode

When you created a flowcode project

The first thing you should do is add a 7 segment display module

You can do that by going to 'Outputs' and adding a 7seg1 module.

When you added that, check if all the connections are right by right clicking the module and choosing 'connections'

It should look like it does on the picture.

I wont go over the program in detail, but i will post a picture of a simple program that counts from 0 to 9 and then resets.

Step 3: Thank You

Thank you for reading my instructables, i really appreciate it.

I hope you learned something from this and make alot cooler stuff with it than i did in this tutorial

An example for the non creative people out there would be a digital clock :p

Have a nice day but most of all

Have fun creating!

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