Picture of 7 Shot Knex Pistol
This is one of my favorite guns because it's very easy to use and shoots hard. I came up with this design a few months before I made my first MG 4 years ago; and just recently decided to make it into a pistol.
It holds 7 blue rods but will shoot anything you put down the barrel, so it's pretty versatile. And it uses KILLERK's handle design, so thanks to him for that. =)
I got the blue rods to shoot 30-50 ft, yellow ones sticking out the front 50-70, and KILLERK's sniper bullet should shoot 120+ ft with this gun.

14 Red
18 Green
6 Yellow
16 Grey
16 Tan/metalic-blue
1 Orange

5 Yellow
2 Grey
2 Red
2 Blue
1 green

16 Blue spacers
1 Black ball-jont
1 Little black thing shaped like a Y
At least 2 rubber bands

Total: 101

Step 1: Pieces

Picture of Pieces
1. Firing pin
2. Handle
3. Barrel part 1
4. Barrel part 2
5. Barrel parts 2.5
6. Hopper parts
blt19954 years ago
wow i only got one set T-T
prodo1235 years ago
Please tell me why MOST of my K'nex pieces and rods break way too easily...
I like to tape the pin together, as oodalumps said then round a little bit of rubberbands in a clump infront to kinda absorb the shock... it also works as a "silencer" ^^
Nice, I've been looking for that shock absorber idea. Thanks!
oodalumps (author)  prodo1235 years ago
People usually tape their firing pins together.
they still break...>.<
oodalumps (author)  prodo1235 years ago
Usually, they use electrical tape. You need to stretch it on and put on at least 5 layers.
KnexFreek5 years ago
120feet?? Hmmm... I know you are not a fully  "active" member on this site, but please correct that statement if it is incorrect.
oodalumps (author)  KnexFreek5 years ago
Angled it can. This ible was made before there were any guidelines on ranges.
 Ok then :) 

(also I knew this was made a looong time ago, i just didn't know it had so much power!!)
rrr675 years ago
is it ok if my only black firing pin rod is sharpened?
knex_mepalm5 years ago
i know this is on the list but whats wrong with it, its a good gun
oodalumps (author)  knex_mepalm5 years ago
It's on who's list? If the list you are referring to is "The List", then this gun shouldn't be on it. The List was for single shot block trigger guns. This gun has a mag.
This is the first time someone has said that the block triggers on the list have to be single shot.
oodalumps (author)  DJ Radio5 years ago
I made the original list. I only put single shots on it. I wanted to show people who made single shot block trigger guns that there was absolutely nothing special about their guns. But magazines/hoppers/clips can be very different. Even though the bulk of this gun is useless, the hopper is original and still has uses.
You should have told that to Dsman sometime.... I saw some block trigger repeaters like PD's dual pistols on the list.
oodalumps (author)  DJ Radio5 years ago
It's his list, he can put what he wants on it. It makes a lot less sense than mine, but he's a fan of the nonsensical.
Oh, I don't know what the details of the list were because I wasn't around when it was invented. I assumed it was a collaboration list and that it was updated whenever. Like I said, I didn't know.
this is on "THE LIST" but it shouldnt be
Lowney5 years ago
I like this gun is was the first one I made with a mag
~KGB~6 years ago
worst gun ever
DJ Radio ~KGB~6 years ago
no, the Extreme mini knex gun is the worst gun ever. besides, this gun is very old.
i know, that was the only one that went below 1 star rating.
oodalumps (author)  ~KGB~6 years ago
There have been worse.
An Villain6 years ago
for some reason i really, really like this 5*. but i don't know why.
DJ Radio6 years ago
i dont like this gun as it has a block trigger. but i like the mag! 1.5*
this was published almost 3 years ago
Now I know that.
what is SO wrong with a block trigger! it seems like everyone on this site HATES them!
look at Killerk's pistol. Notice how this gun looks like his, but it just has a mag.
I made a Larger version of you magazine, it still feeds in at the bottom the same way though.
Cool! Am i alllowed to use it?
Yeah sure go for it! Just mention me if you put it in a 'ible.
Thanks and, sure i'll credit you :)
how do you build it and how much does it hold
It hods about twenty. I was just showing it off, There are no instructions.
J_SCAP6 years ago
:/ kindof looks like my old gun that i didint post here because it was a block trigger
bolt action gun.bmp
J_SCAP J_SCAP6 years ago
actualy go ahead and extend the hopper to that size if you want. you dont have to credit me at all due to since i didint post it a year ago.
bolt action gun.bmp
bikebuffalo7 years ago
nice pistol. i only had two probs but they were easy to solve; 1 the magazine got jammed a lot so i had to design my own. 2 the hadle was ackward but that is no problem of your design great job
pls7 years ago
nice hopper
popomaster7 years ago
CORY!7 years ago
Love ur creation! Made one myself, the whole clip idea is excellent!
My first creation
cobra CORY!7 years ago
your sweet gun gave me the idea to make a sniper rifle with a traditional downward magazine and scope I will post it very soon
joemonkey7 years ago
awesome. i just made it. i will post a sniper mod i added too!
sweet gun. just made it. beast mag!
knexpimp6667 years ago
i built it and it never jammed. and it shot rly far too.but it broke on of my yellow connectors :(
koolkidd7 years ago
wow. i hav the old knex set (red), the gears set, the thrasher box that has like 40 pieces, and a 400 piece tub. Maybe 700 pieces. u have a ton!!
I made my own and made some modifications so its now a single shot pistol but it works 2000 times better. With the clip, It always jammed and I could never shoot one at a time successfully, With the stop at the end that kept the firing pin in the barrel thing it slowed down the shots. I replaced it with a grey single piece connector. Heres what I mean: -The first pic is the modified gun -The second pic is the barrel without the clip. (Just remove the orange connectors and it turns into a single shot) -The third Pic is what I meant by the stopper being replaced with a grey connector. (its the second to last connector before the firing pin)
what you built is basically the killerk pistol lol but good work to both of you! :]
oodalumps (author)  Computer Maker 1018 years ago
The gun can be used like a single shot with the hopper also...
I know but I didn't want the hopper on, making the barrel heavy so I just took it off. = )
Brad167 years ago
hey this is sick i can fit like 5 ammo in it i made it exactly the same but it only shoots like 1ft and i have 6 rubber bands on it and once a bit flew out of the top of the thing and nearly took my eye out
oodalumps (author)  Brad167 years ago
Then you made it wrong.
nerfer1927 years ago
cool gun will you put in my knex paintball group?
great gun but it kinda (well alot actualy) looks like killerk's gun
Because it is. It just has a hopper
Hey If its ok with you, I made a stand for the gun and I wanted to show steps on it but I don't know if I need permission from you or not. (I'm new here sorry.) Just contact me. Thanks.
oodalumps (author)  Computer Maker 1018 years ago
Yeah you can do whatever you want with it.
Kaiven8 years ago
the osnjckma2 has an ok hopper/magazine, but its starting to mess up the gun since im modding it. im gonna use this hopper design in my osnjckma2
ryan1018 years ago
Awesome gun! I was having probems with jamming, but I learned that u have to pull the ram back FAST! AMAZING even tho it is a block trigger!
dakelle28 years ago
what does killerk's sniper bullet look like and btw nice gun
Wareagle8 years ago
looks pretty cool!
T-man8 years ago
this is the best knex gun i ever bulit
Cartuner558 years ago
can i use my killerk gun and just take some parts off or do i have to destroy it :(]
plz respond quick because i want to make it
well,seeing that no-one has answerd you so far,here are some killer k hopper pics that shoot blue rods. The first one is dual green rod hoppers,and the other one of two that shoots blue rods,i hope i kinda helped you.
C:\Documents and Settings\Joshua\Desktop\My Pictures\Picture 160.jpgC:\Documents and Settings\Joshua\Desktop\My Pictures\Picture 163.jpg
oodalumps (author)  Cartuner558 years ago
You can put the hopper on KILLERK's gun.
do i need to change the place by the handle to all red connectors?
oh wait yea i do
Cartuner558 years ago
making a video of me firing it! great job
oh shoot! my camera is jacked up so i cant
No I was wondering if you can use the little blue clips.
oodalumps (author)  Knex Freaky Maniac8 years ago
Yeah you could use those...
Can I make this without the tan connectors I'm getting to buying some of those but I haven't yet but can I?
oodalumps (author)  Knex Freaky Maniac8 years ago
You can't tell by looking at the pictures? ..... No, you can't build it without them.
knex boy8 years ago
hi every 1 check out my gun it shoots far and begginers can build it
occoo56668 years ago
Sry oodalumps but this is nothing new. Nice gun, but kinda old-school
oodalumps (author)  occoo56668 years ago
Because this is an old gun...
Rage8 years ago
I posted my version. check it out!!!http://www.instructables.com/id/ER2KW3FF1B3RBUE/
Rage8 years ago
This gun is awesome!! I built a smaller one and modified the hopper
deviant8 years ago
your so luckey uv got heaps of knex man i could like make enything. dam so not fare lol iv got only got like 2000 peices
has ne1 ever thought of making a magazine that loads from the bottom so it doesnt block the view. that is how other guns are made
have u ever tried this model? the magazine doubles as a scope (sorta){{{
oodalumps (author)  Mr. Dudeness8 years ago
It has been done before, but it's so much easier to let gravity do it's job.
sammyb8 years ago
great, simple gun (had to adjust the handle a little to my needs, but I like it... very reliable)
atking8 years ago
i found it easier to load if you put a yellow rod through the 2 yellow connectors and put the ammo down the side of the yellow rod and it also allows you to put 8 shots into the hopper
Easy Button8 years ago
i dont get it why do u say to put it through that gray conector sticking out because the firing pin doent go through there but other wise this gun is great i just dont get that part can u explain it to me
i like the auto feed i made it biggert and built it on to killerks pistol so between it and my ast rifle (upgraded) my house is littered with connects pieces
oodalumps (author)  fat_strat_cat8 years ago
im haveing troublke extending the auto feed thought
oodalumps (author)  fat_strat_cat8 years ago
I used to try to extend mine, but it would cause the gun to jam. So I don't recomend extending it unless you're using bigger than blue rods.
i got it to about double once but some times the bullets dont fall in right
oodalumps (author)  fat_strat_cat8 years ago
Exactly. Make a longer hopper for longer rods and it can be extended.
yah i wanna fire yellows
or what about white or green think smaller might hellp
oodalumps (author)  fat_strat_cat8 years ago
That wouldn't work at all. Blue rods are the minimum for this hopper.
i stil wanna try cuz whites go reall far outa this gun
firing yellows with fricken huge auto feed so awsome and works well i might have a pic up soon
steel$8 years ago
ho u have to put to red rods on the handle it is hard to get all the pieces on
oodalumps (author)  steel$8 years ago
I used a heavy thing to pound it together.
yah my fingers get sore and i have to improvise a tool of some sort
Knex Rules8 years ago
This gun is amazing. Great 2 muck about with and never jams
Pudge8 years ago
Great gun, oodalumps. I have a mod for your gun that gives it better range. replace the yellow rods on the bottom of the hopper with grey rods. Then build a extention of the barrel comming off of the hopper out of yellow or white clips. You may need to add anouther handel at the new end.
kynaro8 years ago
can i plz have ur knex plz lol
alexgbret8 years ago
pretty cool
This uses the same ammunition hopper principle as my "Red Impact" (recently added, check it out). Great minds think alike. :) Although you didn't cheat like I did... I simplified the number of pieces needed by slicing the tops off dark grey connectors for the ammo to fall into. These also are much smoother for larger rods, say, red-size to slide over.
K matt8 years ago
I have a gun that holds 18 rounds!
crestind8 years ago
Wow! Craziness. What is that girder structure on the right- a bridge of some sort?
oodalumps (author)  crestind8 years ago
Actually it was a wall to a castle i was going to make, but it took too many pieces and i gave up.
TOO MANY PIECES! WTF?!?!?! >.< ;
oodalumps (author) 8 years ago
snakeblack88 years ago
oodalumps (author)  snakeblack88 years ago
I made some that shoot marbles.
snakeblack88 years ago
i put 4 fat rubbers on this thig and it busted
snakeblack88 years ago
how many sets is that
oodalumps (author)  snakeblack88 years ago
Too many -_-
ratman2.08 years ago
and i thought i had a lot, i still do but how many of the yellow cases do u have? lol, show a pic of all the boxes of knex
oodalumps (author)  ratman2.08 years ago
I think I have 6 yellow(small) ones, 2 orange(medium), 1 blue(large). and If you look, those two huge wooden boxes are full of knex too..
what is the diferince beteen yellow cases and blue cases
Kaiven8 years ago
niiccee. i like the seven shots. and the look.
I like it, COOL!!
napalm8 years ago
cool, good mag design, are u gonna make any other guns?
dragonego8 years ago
u have a ton of K'NEX!
smidge1478 years ago
thats killerks gun with a mag
oodalumps (author)  smidge1478 years ago
Lol nope... Nothing on the gun is the same as his except the handle. If you want me to post a picture of it with the old handle, you could see it's a very different gun.
Smidge146 is right. It may be slightly modified, but the main body is recognizably similar to KILLERK's pistol. It's not a bad design though and shoots pretty well.
oodalumps (author)  crestind8 years ago
Would you like to make it with a bunch of white connectors instead and add a bunch of garbage to it to make it look different? I simply made the best design I could think of with no intention of it being similar to killerk's. If you take any other knex pistol and make it in its simplest form, wouldn't they all resemble killerk's?
they wouldnt all resemble killerks just the nameless guy who made the knex semiautomatic
That's true.
Perhaps the instructables should be moved to moloro0's forum?
oodalumps (author)  crestind8 years ago
Yeah.. Us Knex gunsmiths should move to that forum. this site is being bogged down by these things haha.
Ive seen so many things being talked about that arent even related to knex guns
crestind8 years ago
I got it to shoot 56 feet!
Danny8 years ago
your room is meessyyy!!
nick.z8 years ago
pretty nice gun. i like that magazine design.