Step 4: Develop and Implement your Strategy

Picture of Develop and Implement your Strategy
Now that you’ve partnered with a physician, acquired knowledge of the basic science of your disease, and assessed your current health status, you’re ready to prepare yourself to make the changes that will help you to live a healthier life with Kidney Disease.

a. Review your statistics, and identify the areas that need to be improved. Refer to the charts you just made for kidney function, weight, blood pressure, resting pulse rate, diet, and exercise.

b. Identify the actions you need to take to improve your statistics.
Your physician may help with referrals to a nutritionist or specialist. You could research local gym facilities to find a trainer, hot tub, sauna, or local support groups to join.

c. Implement your strategy:
There are three equally important aspects to implementing your strategy:

Mental: You want to establish a positive reinforcement cycle that will help you to feel good about your day and your choices. Visualize all of the healthy changes that you are making as nourishing, sustaining, healing, and cleansing. Your ability to use your mind to reinforce positive behaviors will help you to stay on course. Conversely, visualize actions that are harmful to your health as poisonous, lethal, negative, etc. Knowing that you’re doing your best to optimize your health has a tremendous positive impact on your outlook on life.

Physical: Use your charts, statistics and research to modify your daily actions with regard to doctor’s appointments, prescriptions, diet, exercise and lifestyle. As you observe that your statistics are outside the normal parameters, you can immediately take steps to improve your readings or seek help from your healthcare professionals.

Prioritize: What excuses have you made for not making the changes necessary for you to live a healthier life? Too busy, or don’t know what to do? It takes time, work, and effort for each of us to live the healthiest life we can. We’re worth it. No excuses.