Step 2: Set Up The Pipes

Now that you have your permiter set up you should dig a small gutter for each side of piping (not deep at all just deep enough to stabilize the piping). You might be able to get away without doing this step, but I'm pretty committed to making the rink a fixture of our backyard. Once you cut piping to size, reserving extra pieces to join corners. Place the piping around the perimeter, joining each corner with extra PVC and staking it to the ground.
<p>Wow awesome instructible.</p><p>Defenitly gotta build it next winter.We got a pond but its not alwas cold enough in the winter (Germany) and the pond isn&acute;t big enough for over 20 people so i will build this.</p><p>Thanks for the good tipps that you showed us in your instructible </p>
Nice post, I bult one 32'x 48' for several years. I did have problems with the pitch in my yard. A full 12&quot; drop over 75'. So make sure you plan for the drop. It was fun to skate in your backyards- Neighbors loved it too!
How much damage does it do to the grass underneath the ice?
Thanks for this Instructable! Living in Melbourne, Australia and playing ice hockey, this is one of my dreams (we only have 2 sheets of ice to play on and share with all other ice sports). Such a healthy, cheap and fun source of entertainment.

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