The ELM (Enterprise Learning Management System) is a database designed to work in tandem with a human resources database to help manage training and development. The ELM can help users manage courses, manage student profiles, attendance tracking certifications and much more. In 2013 we have introduced enhancements to help administrator and coordinators of the system perform the most common tasks. Activity end date, Reminders, and Monthly Communication.

This instruction will explain In 7 steps enhancements made to the system and you will be on your way to managing within the ELM!

Disclaimer: The steps outlined in these instructions are for persons who have a security role in PeopleSoft’s Enterprise Learning Management System.If you are attempting to access menus outlined in the steps and do not have these options please contact your IT helpdesk to submit a request for access.

Materials List:

1. Computer with internet access - (select roll over text on photo to view example)
2. Workplace network connection
3. Prior training or knowledge of PeopleSoft HCM Software
4. Security role granted in the ELM (Administrator/Coordinator)
5. These instructions

Step 1: Log Into MyLearning

Navigate to the MyLearning log in screen (this will be dependent upon your workplace system access.) Once you are connected to your workplace network, log into MyLearning using your user ID and password credentials.

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