7" Tall Space Invaders Arcade Machine





Introduction: 7" Tall Space Invaders Arcade Machine

After 3 months I have finally completed a Mini Space Invaders arcade machine which I made using a GBA SP and 6mm MDF. Joystick was purchased from Digikey.com part # GH7455-ND. Artwork was sourced from a few places and then photoshopped to fit, namely from arcadeartlibrary.com and vectorlib.free.fr. If you wish to create a cab based on the original cab design , then I would suggest checking out http://www.jakobud.com/index.php.

Video roughly shows how to make your own .  If you need more build info feel free to email me at vcoleiro1@gmail.com and be sure to email me a photo of your completed project. You can also email me if you would like me to build you one



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i love how you mentioned the supercard- my first portable system was a gba and my first "game" was a supercard. i just recently got the dsi super card, which includes a snes and gba emulator

That is just epic. Just epic.

email me at 785942@monashores.net

hey my name is maddie can you make me one of those in a super mario version, and how much do those things cost?
Sweet Idea!!