Wall-mounted spice racks are sometimes hard to come by at a reasonable price.
They're also not exactly ideal in a rented apartment, where site modifications (i.e. holes in the walls) may be a no-no.

To overcome both of these obstacles and tidy up the precarious mess that was my preexisting kitchen shelving, I decided to shop around for an alternative.

Thirty minutes of shopping, a $10 investment*, and 15 minutes of assembly later, I had my spice rack!

*individual components used, some of which might already be laying about your home, come to $7.

Step 1: Problem && Plan

Precarious spice piles!
What a mess.

Next to the shelving existed plain white cabinet doors, perfect blank canvases.

Rather than attaching my rack to the door with screws, I needed a hanging fixture.

I brainstormed up a tiny plan to lash some suitably deep and wide containers to some sort of grid that could then be zip-tied (cable-tied) around the back of the door.

Thanks for this great idea! My boyfriend was looking at a goddamn $60 over-the-door adjustable spice rack for his kitchen, and I thought "Didn't I see something like that on Instructables a while back?"
Nice! Glad it was useful. :)
Great post. I really like how the bowls look it's unique and trendy, perfect for my spice rack.
I think your spice rack looks good with the type of doors you have for your cupboards. If someone wants color then find spray paint for the type of material used. I've bought inexpensive metal wall decorations and spray painted them a semi-flat or flat black to look like wrought iron. The flatness of the paint color makes the black appear deeper, if that makes sense to you. Dust with a soft brush attachment and your vacuum.
Great idea! I'll have to try that in some other project. :)
I have those exact cabinets in my rental house. You can't drill through that stuff. Thanks for the idea!<br />
&nbsp;No problem! Glad it's useful! :)
That is a great idea!! Thanks!<br />
np!<br />
&nbsp;Thats ingenious!!

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