Making this summer bit more awesome...

We bought a small (574 sq meters / 6200 sq feet) plot of land some 10 miles outside the city in a small gardening community. That decission was made so the kids do grow up in "concrete jungle", but grow more connected to nature. The lot was empty with some old old fruit trees.

It was 7 years ago and we are developing it since.

This year we decided to 7 x squeeze more out of summer. So we picked an empty corner of our lot, and built these:

  • New raised deck with stairs
  • Hottub and the firewood heater
  • New arbor with some sills for putting down tea cups :)
  • Swings for the arbor - I got an instructable on this
  • Firepit - still in the making
  • Hammock sitting swings
  • Extreme Birdhouse

As I mostly did it all by myself (with some help of my lovely wife), it took me around 2 months (day-ends and weekends) to build this April / May. My iPhone died on me loosing half of the photos.


Pine boards (5cm x 20cm), Pine boards (2,5cm x 10cm), Pine boards (3cm x 15cm), pine (10cm x 10cm), iron spikes, woodscrews, wood treatment chemicals


Hammer, saw, showel, wheelbarrow, electrical screwdriver, patience ;)

Step 1: Preparation, Excavation and Spikes

First things first. We removed parts of the top soil / grass / weeds.

I was unwilling to make concrete posts, so I bought 20 iron earth spikes. They are hammered into the ground and provide decent support for structures above.

After that I cut wooden "legs", 7cm x 7cm. After putting them in place I used spirit level to mark the main level and cut the tops. "Spikes" are from 60cms to 100cms apart.

The hot tub itself was pre-ordered, therefore the dimensions were fixed. Decission was made to put half of thehot tub into the ground, so it does not stand out too much.

I took a 2 m length pine plank and used it to draw a circle on the ground.

Our soil is mostly heavy clay, except for top soil. Boy, it took some effort to excavate all this clay by hand.

We also did dig a 8 meter long draining ditch and put it 1,3/4 inches water release pipe.

After finishing the hole, we filled 5cm with sand and another 5cm with concrete.

Tools needed in this step:

Hammer, meter, saw, spirit level, showel

<p>terrific use of the space</p>
How much did this cost?
<p>This is awesome! Will you come build me one :)</p>
<p>If I could do it, so can you! :)</p><p>You only really need a pencil and a handsaw for all the wooden part.</p>
<p>That is the most hardcore Instructables comment EVER. You'll just need a pencil and a handsaw, no big deal. \m/</p>
<p>wahaha, wilgubeast.</p><p>Seriously, I have no formal or informal carpentry/building training. Nor do I have any expierence in the field.</p><p>Wood/planks are pre-cut and planed in a sawmill. Therefore you end up with a pile of nice pile of wood in your yard.</p><p>After that is just measure, cut, try to make it level.</p><p>Seriously, it is really as simple as a pencil and a saw.</p>
<p>Amazing setup. I've been toying with the idea of a small pool/tub on a raised deck myself. Might expand that plan to also include a swing :) With limited outdoor space, this is a great option. Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Thanks, xGrape,</p><p>That was my initial intention - minimal area, maximum usage :)</p><p>The tub takes some time and dedication to take care of (cleaning, sanitation, etc.) But it's worth it imho.</p>
You put a wood stove IN your hot tub?! I love it! Such a good idea!
<p>It came with a hot tub. It is made out of thick sheet of stainless steel.</p>
I've never seen that before. My buddy would have loved to have something like that when he had his pool and hot tub. Thanks for sharing.
<p>No problem.There are two options - put the heater on the outside - it's more expensive, as it needs double walls with water in between. Or put it inside - so it's cooled directly.</p><p>It's never too late to get a new one if you have some 10-20 square meters of garden or a rooftop.</p>
This is awesome!!
<p>Cheers ;)</p>
<p>Wow!! Absolutely beautiful. I want one of these in my backyard :D</p>
<p>Thanks, Jessy,</p><p>I consider myself novice builder. If I could do it - so can you ;) </p>
<p>Cooldude, are you planing to post any of your instructables?</p>
This is great! Modular outside fun!
<p>Thanks ;)</p>

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