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in this instructable i will show you how to make your very own 7 piece knex handgun.
im sorry about the video agian whith the old camera and me being chap ...... such and such

Step 1: Pieces you will need

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You will need 3 full circles and three half circles. You will also need a blue rod one size smaller than yellow and one size bigger than white. You will need a rubber band too.
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THE LIST!!!!!!!
i like this thingey
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Please do not put your Instructable in groups that it does not belong.
i agree. adding your instructible to groups it doesn't belong in will only annoy people.
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this exact gun has already been posted
guys stop hating of block triggers, some people don't care about the trigger, don't like it don't look at it
It's not just the trigger we hate, it's just the whole single-shot guns.
weebl (author) 8 years ago
hello me ps this shots 20 to 30 feet if it is done right