Step 3: To fire

To fire push the dart, in this case a yellow rod, into the uncovered hole then hold the elastic band and the rod back and release to fire.
wow that sucks
THE LIST!!!!!!!
i like this thingey
Please do not put your Instructable in groups that it does not belong.
i agree. adding your instructible to groups it doesn't belong in will only annoy people.
I removed this instructable from the 'uC because I didn't see any mention of a uC. Regards, ian.
this exact gun has already been posted
guys stop hating of block triggers, some people don't care about the trigger, don't like it don't look at it
It's not just the trigger we hate, it's just the whole single-shot guns.
I really wish people would just stop with block triggers, even though it was your first try.. It wasn't worth it!!! I would have rather seen an instructable on "How to blow your nose correctly" Theres no way instructables can recover from all of this block trigger overflow...
Another pathetic example of a pathetic subject!!!
This really sucks. Even if you are new.
hello this kind of gun has been done sevral of times look at triggers and origonal triggers by the way ......................please ask every body before u post gamer5 has spoken
get ready to be bashed by the crappy knex gun haters... seriously, your pictures are very blurry
Yes they are, and by the way, I now see he got banned.
How? I don't underestand?
ya it says on the first page
hello me ps this shots 20 to 30 feet if it is done right

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