70MB Coffee Table





Introduction: 70MB Coffee Table

About: Hi, my name is John. My hobby is to solve problems from other people and creating nice and functional stuff out of trash. I'm living in Germany so excuse my not so fluent English (some technical terms are ha...

I just whant to share these Idea with all of you. It's not hard to build such a coffee table, but still it's something special.

The HDD is an Kennedy 5300 from 1977. You can see the circuit boards for the diferent control loops.

The Spacer are made of Aluminium whith an rubber sticker on top.

And the glas plate is from an old aquarum.



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    This is great! Where did you find a HDD like this one? Any tips where to look, aside from ebay?


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    I found that HDD in my University, so I don't know where you can find such a HDD. I also found an other one, but I don't know what to do with it. Any Ideas? dimensions: 38x13x21cm 14.8x4.9x7.92In


    If you're into it, you could make a BEAM-bot (aka junk bot) from the parts, like the one on the picture (made out of more recent HD's). Beam robot? Click here. Besides that, your drive has probably some pretty cool stepper motors built in :-)


    That is a great reuse. I worked on drives like that when they were 5, 10, and 20 Meg. Some even had 1 of the 2 platters changable.

    WOW! A blast from the past. In the next lab to where I worked back in the late 'seventies there was a guy whose job it was to get the heads to 'fly' lower on drives like those by machining them. He'd make a mod then leave the drive on overnight burn-in. I saw the results of some where the head had crashed and started biting into the dsc - Iron oxide and aluminium shards everywhere!

    My first hard disc was 20 Mb, used. I was very happy to have it.

    That brings back some memories, I remember using drives like that when I was learning CNC programming in the early 80's, those were the days when the only Windows in the office were in the wall & the user interface was a handle.
    Nice reuse, I know at least one of my friends who would love one for his man cave :-)

    Oh, sorry 60x60x30cm, these are 22.6x22.6x11.3In. At first I had a image added with my cat on it but I noticed that my cat is to small and the table looked huge. Then I put on some flowers... I see, it's the same effect. hint: when you want to do something like this, put some flowers on it when you present it to your wife :-)

    Very cool. What are the dimensions of your table? It's hard to get a sense of scale.