70th Anniversary Dam Buster Minecraft!




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Introduction: 70th Anniversary Dam Buster Minecraft!

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Introduction- this is my first 'ible To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Operation Chastise (Dambusters), I made an Avro Lancaster on minecraft pocket edition. Unfortunately, I have no step by step of making this, but if you would want to create one, just copy my screenshot designs. Plz comment and ask for other aircraft for me to build and I'll add step by step for them



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    Lol, Dam busters... you need bouncing creeper bombs! =)

    can you step by step for this model?

    I do really love your design and I hope mechanics come on pocket edition soon for you,

    Yeah I would love to do that and congrats for making it actually work, I use my pocket edition on all my videos, so there is no mechanics in that version yet :P

    I made a Lancaster on the Xbox but I made a it actually drop bombs when you pulled a lever in the cockpit