72V 12.5Ah Custom Battery Pack for LMX Bike


Introduction: 72V 12.5Ah Custom Battery Pack for LMX Bike

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Building video of a 72V 12.5Ah 100 cells high power Li-ion battery designed for a 4kW ligthweight freeride LMX bike.


- 20 serial, 5 paralleled 2.5Ah 14C max continuous Samsung INR18650 25R LiNiCoAlO2 (NCA) Lithium-ion cells.

- Spot welded with double layer 0.12mm x 6mm pure nickel strips.

- 60A max continuous balancing function built-in BMS.

- 10 AWG wires according with the BMS and the aimed max discharge of 60A continuous.

- Individual insulated 10s5p shrink wrapped modules.

- XT90s anti-spark connectors for discharge port

- XT60 for charge port- weight: 4.9Kg

- Volume: 2 litres


- 175Amax continuous capabilities (12kW)

- 350Amax burst capabilities (24kW)

- 60Amax continuous BMS limited (4kW)

- 140Amax burst BMS limited (9kW

)- energy density: 450Wh/L

- specific energy: 215Wh/Kg.

Step 1:



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    This guy needs to post an actual Instructable and not some teaser. TEASE!

    Do you not post instructions on how to build these?