- 20 serial, 8 paralleled 3.5Ah 3C max continuous Sanyo NCR18650 GA LiNiCoAlO2 (NCA) Lithium-ion cells.

- spot welded with a single layer 0.12mm x 6mm pure nickel strips.

- 60A max continuous balancing function and led indicators built-in BMS.

- 10 AWG wires according with the BMS and the aimed max discharge of 60A continuous.

- individual insulated 10s8p shrink wrapped modules.

- XT90s anti-spark connectors for discharge port

- XT60 for charge port

- total weight: 8.2Kg

- volume: 3.15 litres

- energy density: 640Wh/L

- specific energy: 245 Wh/Kg


- 96Amax continuous capabilities (7kWnom)

- 160Amax burst capabilities (12kWnom)

- 60Amax continuous BMS limited (4kW)

- 140Amax burst BMS limited (9kW)

where are the instructions for this instructable????<br>
<p>Agreed. Not even a circuit diagram. Completely pointless.</p>
<p>agreed there are no instructions i wish evmadrid did the instruction part not trying to hark on this but this site is for me a place for thought invoking instructions that give viable information evmadrid for you next instrucable can you make a actual instrucable i want to be nice since i really do like the work you do here but on all of your instrucables that i have been to it looks like a product page for a web store </p><p>i know i was harking and going on a rant but sooner or later someone is going to look at these and say there are no real instructions here and they may start flaging </p><p>what would be nice of you too add is </p><p>-thoghts</p><p>-considerations</p><p>-pros</p><p>-cons</p><p>-materials</p>

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