750 Matchsticks House





Introduction: 750 Matchsticks House

How to make nice matchsticks house



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    Forgot to ask, is there somewhere I could find the template for your house? I would love to make one with my grandchildren (without the matches lol)

    How wonderful is that?! It is VERY cool (even though it was very hot-hah hah) Thanks for posting! Rock on clever dude


    just now only i go through the video. very interesting. but that file is not available at site. can you share it for me. so that i can try it in home.

    This is nicely done, but it seems a bit cheesy to have the matchsticks just stuck to paper, from a computer print-off no less. Your rustic looking model house is bastardized by your digitally dependent production process. Why not make the whole thing out of matches, so that there's some engineering involved, because currently the matches are just a skin for what is essentially a cardboard house.

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    I completely agree with shooby that its a bit cheesy to just have matchsticks stuck on printed paper

    msolek, thanks for sharing. I think it looks wonderful. What about a little grey in the smoke maybe? Is there a place where I could download the house blueprints? shooby, try and "lighten " up. Why don't you make one and do an Instructable, then we can all see your engineered version. We have a "be nice" rule at Instructables. This is a community of encouragement and support.

    Um, are you sure your mom will be happy to know that you burnt 750 matchsticks?

    That is Really cool! I feel like I'm cheating though, because of the cardboard base! Great instructable! :P

    Float it out on a lake, with some rubbing alcohol. Then drop a match, and stand back!

    the paper house looks pretty good without the sticks too... lmao.

    i would love to light that!!! u should make a video of u lighting it. but it's really good im gonna do this when i have enof matches :)

    Do you know a French movie called "Le Diner de cons" ? (don't know the English title, don't even know if it has been translated in english)
    In this movie, one of the character is the "stupid" man and what he likes over all is making stuff with matches !
    Very famous in France and sooo funny movie !

    OK, I got the international title : (have a look here)
    The Dinner Game

    Anyway, your matches house is pretty nice looking

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