The problem- I had  so many tools stuck in boxes and bags for so many years that I ended up  buying duplicates because I  forgot what I had. I needed a shop that would allow me to  keep my tools organized and readily available.  I have a limited income, so going out and buying finished cabinets and storage units was out of the question. I am a McGyver by inheritance.  My mother and father were both raised in the war years where  things were in limited supply. They taught me how to create with my mind and then create  by using what I could find.

I  have just basic wood shop skills that I got in high school.  But I wanted to have a nice workshop when  I was able to set one up.Since high school my interests have run a wide spectrum. I have built guitars, amplifiers, stereo cabinets, Several kit cars, and I even built my own house. So I figured I could build my own  shop. I first  organized  the shop plans for what I would be using it for.
1. Auto repair and customizing
2. Wood working
3. Electronics fabrication and repair.
4. Welding
5. storage of yard tools

Now that I have my garage all set up I figured I would share how to make the garage of your dreams on the cheap.

What tools you will need ( but not limited to)
1. Skill saw
2. Jig saw
3. tape measure
4.  Shop yardstick
brill and various bits
5. 2 foot level
6. Speed square
7. 2 foot square
8 Table saw

Safety glasses, ear protectors and a clean workspace to lay out the  items to work

Here are some finished photos of my garage before it was finished

Step 1: Layout

Figure out what you will use the shop for and designate areas of storage and counter space to allow you to do that task.
Figure out how much space you can take away for the storage of family vehicles and still be able to walk around the vehicle(s).

<p>&quot;They taught me how to create with my mind and then create by using what I could find.&quot;</p><p>The BEST way of learning, IMHO.</p>
I am currently building a 1966 ford gt replica with a 3.8 liter gm engine mounted mid ships
<p>Just out of curiosity, why wouldn't you run a Ford motor?</p>
do you buy the &quot;body&quot; of the gt40? because i always want to build a replica, maybe a gt40 or a mustang.
<p>I found several on ebay at the right price and bought them quickly</p>
Not all particleboard is the same. Buying better quality board will lead to shelves that can support more weight without sagging. Some kitchen cabinets made of Home Hell type cheapy OSB looks antique in less than a year. That money is just WASTED. But better quality board will stand up to use if the temperature and moisture aren't too extreme. <br>
<p>especially if you seal and paint it</p>
Ahh, A GT40. Man after me own 'eart! Good luck. Best car I've seen except MAYBE the Factory Five GTM. A classic either way.
<p>at one time I had 4 in my yard, had to thin down the herd to 2</p>
Store bought cabinets got nothin on you! Your shop turned out great, now if only mine looked as nice. It gave me some ideas though. Thanks
<p>For more ideas check out my tool storage--</p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/Cheap-Tool-Box-Organization/step3/Wrenches/</p>
Great use of space and cabinetry! My wife and I are looking at homes with garages and this is pretty much what I had imagined. <br> <br>Nice wheels too, but I think it'll be harder to convince the lady that we need a project ride compared to cabinets.
Looks fantastic!<br><br>Also, I'm curious. What is that vehicle you're building? That looks pretty awesome as well!
Nice setup. What would we do without coffee drinkers, couldn't store anything .... Cheers!
Very nice organized workshop
Cars? Vehicles? They can stay outside!

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