Step 2:

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Fabricate base cabinets, wall cabinets, tool storage,  and work cabinets

I used 4 types of cabinets in my garage

The first was  Base Cabinets. These cabinets had to be easy to make, level, provide dust free storage, and be multi functional.
 These were simple boxes made out of particle board to be  supported by  treated 2x4 bases, not unlike kitchen cabinets.

 The second was wall cabinets. These cabinets too had to be easy to make, level, and be adaptable for many functions as well as  be able to support what I planned on putting in them.

The third cabinet style was roll around. These had to be able to  roll under the work top and provide a work top and caddy for whatever  function I was using them for- welding, engine dis assembly, project work table, or tool caddy. Smaller rollers (2inch) were  not easily pushed across  the workshop floor and would hang up on extension cords, so I decided to use 3 inch rollers.

The last type of cabinet was for tool storage, parts storage, and chemical storage.