Step 5: Counter top

Picture of Counter top
The counter tops were made by  using 3/4 particle board cut at 24 inches wide. Underneath I  used scrap wood from cutting the base cabinets to  ring the  perimeter with glue and screws to hold them together. The top of the work bench need to be very sturdy so I used a 2x4 frame 22x 8 ft or cut to size to hold the  counter top. This was screwed to the wall and screwed to the  cabinet thru the flat 2x4 facer.  I had a local sheet metal shop cut and bend a sheet metal top for the work bench putting a 1 1/2 channel at the front to cover the particle board top. This gives me a worktop not subject to damage and is easily cleaned. I ran copper lines thru the 2x4  platform for the top and put air chucks every 4 ft  on the face of the cabinets to allow for  easy use.