Introduction: 7up Sound Sensor Art

Picture of 7up Sound Sensor Art

Maker: Kushal kumar and Harish

We made this project so that it works when we say 'Hi', it replies with a blink.


Copper Tape


Circuit Stickers LEDs

A4 sheets

Coin cell

Sound Sensor effect sticker



Step 1: Draw a Picture in the A4 Sheet

Picture of Draw a Picture in the A4 Sheet

First we have to draw the 7up sound sensor doll picture.

Step 2: Stick the Copper Tape

Picture of Stick the Copper Tape

After the drawing we have to take another A4 sheet and stick the copper tape.

Step 3: Stick the LEDs

Picture of Stick the LEDs

After the sticking the copper tape we have to stick the LEDs on the copper tape.

Step 4: Stick the Sound Sensor

Picture of Stick the Sound Sensor

After sticking the LEDs put the sound sensor .

Step 5: Fix Coin Cell

Picture of Fix Coin Cell

After fixing the sound sensor, fix coin cell to the copper tape.

Step 6: Put 7up Drawing Sheet on the Project

Picture of Put 7up Drawing  Sheet on the Project

After complete the all steps, put 7up drawing sheet on the project. And it is look like this.


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