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Salutations Instructabrarian, Sirs and Madams,

Whether you are a gamer attending the yearl Ball at your retro video game convention or even just attending a rather fashionable hackerspace, chances are you want to look your best.  Honor the classic video game era with this awesome pixellated 8Bit Bow Tie!  Fashionable, retraux and exceptionally stylish, this classic bow is perfect for any occassion.  Also, with a slight adjustment, it can become a very elegant lady's hair bow.   

I based this project similar to Thinkgeek's 8 Bit Bow and created the stencil using paint.  Then using TECH SHOP'S LASER CUTTER (I Made It At Tech Shop!) I printed out a batch of them and gave them out to my office.  Also, much thanks to selkeymoonbeam for teaching me a stylish way to attach your bow using a piece of simple ribbon.

See you at an Anamanaguchi Concert,




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    No pictures of you, good sir wearing this fashionable neck-piece?

    7 replies

    I think I just forgot, I'll post some of me soon. But really, I'm not that photogenic.

    Nah, you look great in pictures!

    Matt kindly volunteered to be a target (in the name of science!)

    Haha, Mike I can't believe you still remember this!

    Or, more accurately, I can't believe you still won't let me forget

    I have to agree, you look great in that photo.

    8-Bit fashion is deff where its at!