Picture of 8-Bit Mario Blanket - Made from Granny Squares
This blanket is made 100% of crocheted granny squares.  To follow this instructable, you must be able to crochet a granny square.  If you have never made one, they are not difficult, please see my previous instructable here.  If you have never crocheted before, start here.

Required Supplies:
 - 1 crochet hook, size H8/5mm (nearly any size will work, this is just what I used)
 - 4 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver, Blue
 - 2 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver, Brown
 - 2 Skeins of Red Heart Super Saver, Tan
 - 3 Skeins of Red Heart Super Saver, Red
 - 1 Large Sewing Needle

Total cost - approximately $25.00 (USD)

Step 1: Planning the project

Picture of Planning the project
The first step to making this blanket is to thoroughly plan out your work.  Download this spreadsheet for a detailed layout.  You can edit this to your liking. 

It is a good idea to buy all of the yarn at once.  You never know when the store may run out of a needed color and not restock.  You can buy Red Heart Super Saver yarn at most places, such as Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and more.

_chink_2 years ago
I finally finished my blanket!! (2.5 years later) I was getting so discouraged when I started to join things together as my squares weren't uniform, and things were getting puffy and lumpy. But then I learnt about steam blocking finished items made with acrylic yarn. Thank you so much for the 'ible =D


Hi. Just wondering how many balls of wool you needed to make this? Thanks

Adorable blanket -chink-!

russm313 (author)  _chink_2 years ago
That is AWESOME! I am seriously impressed. That looks fantastic! Way to go! Glad you figured out the blocking trick. I should have included that in the instructable, but I didn't have to do it with mine, so I didn't think about it.

I love the skull, but cannot seem to be able to find the pattern here

On the last step there is a spreadsheet with different characters on it. You just have to move the picture you want onto the spreadsheet with the mario image to figure out how much of everything you need

Ashlyn Feld2 months ago

Your sewing is so neat and clean! And the blanket is so awesome! You are good at sewing!

Ashlyn Feld2 months ago

Can someone help me send pics to instructables? I am new to this and this is one of my biggest projects ever! So please respond.

Ashlyn Feld2 months ago

I am 11 years old and I am making a luigi blanket for my little bro. I have been working on it for a long time! I am not very close to being done! I only made like 30 squares :(

EliseB12 months ago
How did you make the Mario pattern in your spread sheet?
janice.butera7 months ago

What are the measurements for the finished blanket

tshurben made it!10 months ago

Thanks for the easy-to-follow instructions! I've never crocheted before, and you made it very simple to learn. I made the squares a bit smaller so I could do a bit more with the background. Here is my finished blanket :)


and how big was the final project? TYIA

Hi! My squares were about 2.5" and each square was 2 rows (the center square plus 1 row around it).
The full blanket was 20 rows long by 16 rows wide and measured about 54x40"

Hope that helps!
Oops, I realized I had a typo. It was 21 squares long... Not 20.

You said you made your squares smaller, how big do they measure?/how many rows did you do? Thanks :)

russm313 (author)  tshurben 10 months ago
Very nice!!!
JudyR17 months ago

Would it be possible to get the pattern and instructions for "Link"

Hi love this pattern was wondering if I could do this in tunisan style and if so how many rows do I do to make a square ?
CherieS11 months ago

Is it better to sew the squares together or is it alright to do the join as you go method with this?

tcarr91 year ago

I am currently working on this project. But i cannot seem to find the right type of yarn for Mario's skin color. Could you possibly tell me what color tan you used? My email is tamoracarr@gmail.com

I used the color Aran by Red Heart

my fiancee picked out that color. But it looked off to me. My friends and i were looking into the color Cornmeal possibly?

jujube1960 made it!1 year ago

Working on my second one. The first one I made for my son and this one is for a woman who ordered one. Great project. Wish I could find more patterns like this.

mario blanket.jpg

There are a ton on pinterest, if you search 8 bit crochet. I found a lot of amazing characters i want to try

I would like to make a blanket now for a 3 yr old girl can any suggest what to make and where to get a pattern?

oh yeah here you will need my email tina.pidgeon@gmail.com. I am making Mario for her older brother who is 5 and now she wants one too...lol need help

DawnL1 year ago

can you email me the pattern/instructions for link (the legend of Zelda guy)? Also anything on ninja turtles?

DawnL DawnL1 year ago

guess my email address would help, its dleonard80@gmail.com @russm313

DawnL1 year ago

Does anyone have a ninja turtle pattern that they would be willing to share?

DawnL1 year ago

just starting this blanket for my nephew, I'm soon excited! He's going to love it!

Chelley8151 year ago

Oh holy wow!!! This is freaking fabulous! I have about 2 months until my son's 6th Birthday and he has been begging for a Mario theme birthday. The best part about this, I have all these colours already!! STASH BUSTER PATTERN!!!! Pleasing Husband, Child and self all in one - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

luzma2 years ago
i'm almost halfway done with mine :)
res_2013-08-30 18.27.28.jpg
russm313 (author)  luzma1 year ago
That is amazing! Can't wait to see the finished project.
luzma russm3131 year ago

I finally finished it!

2014-01-19 23.44.28_res.jpg
russm313 (author)  luzma1 year ago

Amazing! Great work!

It's so cool to see the wonderful things you have inspired these people to try an even have me wanting to try my son loves Mario this would give me time to learn an have a very cool blanket ready for Christmas thank you I'll have to learn how to do this
Majtolycus1 year ago
Spent about $80 and 6 months to make a Luigi blanket based on your instructable for my younger brother (not so young anymore, he is 26). Gave it to him for Xmas this year and it was a big hit. Thanks!

Majtolycus1 year ago
Howdy! Finally finished my Luigi blanket based on your instructable. Total cost was about $80 on Vanna's Choice yarn (expensive but sooooo soft and warm), a size G hook and a couple of tapestry needles.

It took me about 6 months crocheting in between customers to do the squares and less than a month to sew them all together upon becoming unemployed... plenty of time to spend on crafts and a happier canine companion now at least! :) She did not get to keep the blanket however... I gave it to my little brother for Xmas -- not so little really, he is 26 -- and it was a big hit.

yeppers1 year ago
I've sewn together all of my granny squares into rows, but how do you sew together the rows? Do you change colors throughout or do you stick to one, more neutral color? Help, I'm almost done!
lcallahan41 year ago
Hello, on your pricing for the Mario blanket, I am curious where you purchase yarn that you are able to buy 10 skeins for $25.00. Thanks :)
nonabonie1 year ago
finished my blanket! Having never sucessfully crocheted before, the vids for granny squares were very easy to follow. really enjoyed making this! now i need something eles to crochet! found some converse booties that are pritty cool...think i'll need to hone my skills.
thanks for the instructable. heres my blanket..
2013 22:44.jpg
russm313 (author)  nonabonie1 year ago
barr4301 year ago
I made this for my great nephew. The directions were easy to follow and for someone who has never even made a granny square I must say I did alright :) thank you for the great tutorial
candi12 years ago
Very nice!
hextwite2 years ago
This looks awesome! I am 12 and this is my first REAL project.
rasarlene2 years ago
Hi, can you e-mail the pikachu pattern to me please? thanks in advance. arlene_avis@hotmail.com
KC0GRN2 years ago
Well it's been a while since I started, and I'm not done yet, but I've completed all of the blue! Now just to finish the rest of the colors, now that I'm seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Mine will be large enough to cover a king size bed after it's assembled.
russm313 (author)  KC0GRN2 years ago
This sounds epic! Can wait to see a pic :)
can u please send me this pattern, my son would love it..tyvm acker732011@hotmail.com
kimberlion2 years ago
Does anyone have instructions for a Minecraft creeper blanket yet? I was thinking of mapping one out if a pattern didn't already exist. It wouldn't be too hard, a creeper is only green, beige/white and black.
Any help would help right now, I'm still kinda new to crochet.
thanks, Kim.
flare082 years ago
hey i was wondering how do you grid out pictures
khu14 years ago
Hi, I'm making a Pikachu version, and I'd like to post my "key" for anybody who would like to do the same. It's a 22 x 21 granny square pattern, so it has 462 squares altogether and is quite large and almost square. However, I just adore Pokemon (always have and always will) and I had to do it!!

Keep in mind that this isn't the original 8-bit Pikachu. I've altered his ears slightly!!
Pikachu Key.png
Ninjab08 khu13 years ago
Could you email this to me as well ninjab08@yahoo.com also how did you figure out how to make the chart I would love to try a yoshi blanket just don't know where to start thank you!
khu1 Ninjab083 years ago
I just sent you an e-mail with the pattern. As far as planning or making your own template goes, I just searched google images for a picture of an 8bit Pikachu. Then I chose the one I liked the best and started using excel to make a template that I could understand. I just made the individual cells square and made them a size that I felt I could work with. To color the cells, I simply used the highlight function in the excel toolbar. I hope this helps! Good luck with your projects!
khu1 khu13 years ago
Also, if you don't find anything when you search 8bit Yoshi, don't be discouraged. Try searching "beaded Yoshi" as well.
sarahnkids khu13 years ago
Can you email me this? blueeyedgirl10@gmail.com
khu1 sarahnkids3 years ago
I've just sent you an e-mail. Let me know if you need anything else!
sten1216 khu13 years ago
Can I get this emailed to me also?
khu1 sten12163 years ago
Sure. I just need your e-mail address =)
sten1216 khu13 years ago
That would help huh? sorry! It's sten1216@yahoo.com. Thank you!!
jscalese khu13 years ago

I was wondering if you could send me the pattern...I would love to make this for my son for his birthday....
khu1 jscalese3 years ago
I just e-mailed it to you. Good luck!
oh no!!
I JUST finished my Mario blanket and came on here to post... and doesn't my son see this 8-bit Pikachu and want me to make it for him!!!
ha, not on his life!
Maybe for a wedding present in 20 years??? lol
Looks like a great project as well :)
Haha, after having made only the body of Pikachu (still working on making all the blue granny squares) I can totally relate!!
About how many granny squares does one skein make? I'd like to make a blanket with my own design but it would be great to get a better idea of how much yarn I'll need for each colour first.
I made about 20 granny squares per red heart skein..
Try making a few granny squares with some scrap yarn laying around that's the same gauge as the yarn you're planning to use. Unravel them and see what your average length is. You can then compare to how many yards are in each skein. Each type of yarn is different, and so is each crochet-er. Some people crochet more tightly than others and so they use less yarn and end up with a smaller, tighter product. The best way to figure it out is through experience, trial and error. Hope this has helped!
kharkness13 years ago
HELLO ! : ) this a really great instructable, I've been able to follow the "putting the squares together" part very well, however, I am a little confused about how to connect the rows that have different colours.

For example, when you connected the 2nd bottom row, the the 3rd bottom row, what did you do when it went from blue-touching-blue to brown-touching-brown ? Did you tie off the blue, sew in the lose strand, and start the brown?

Thanks in advance for your help !
mmorales133 years ago
Just started working on a Legend of Zelda blanket. I didn't really like the way 8bit Link looks so I actually found a perler bead interpretation of Windwaker Link, which made it easy to convert into pixels. I'm basically recreating the image exactly, but I'm using granny squares in place of perler beads.

Unfortunately, the detail means I'm going to be using thirteen colors and each square has to be tiny. About 1.75 inches. Otherwise it would be ridiculously huge at 1353 total squares. It's going to be amazing. I'm making it for my boyfriend and I can't wait to see his face when he gets it. I really wanted to do something that would blow his mind for Christmas since his deployment is coming up and when I saw this 8 bit Mario blanket I knew he'd love a Zelda version. Just hope I can finish in time >.<
Katw263 years ago
I love this instructable! So awesome, I started one of link, but I was wondering if you could possibly map out yoshi for me please
asuominen4 years ago
I am going to start this one!! I have been wanting to figure out a blanket for my youngest, Aiden, who will be turning 6 on October 21st. This will be perfect!!!! I have made my oldest a Star Wars afghan,, and have two more of those I need to do...........but I need to get busy on this Mario one. I got out all the yarn and don't have any skin color yarn, so that will be on my shopping list.
bsladek4 years ago
how long did this take ?
jazzinmarch4 years ago
I finally can post to say "thank you"!!!
Just finished mine in Knit squares, instead of crocheted, thanks for the idea!!!
I never want to knit a square again!!!
I have requests coming from my son's friends and cousins for me to make them one... to which I have to decline!
russm313 (author)  jazzinmarch4 years ago
LOL, I know what you mean about never wanting to make another square. But, it passes. I've made many more since then. I also have declined many requests :) Would love to see some pictures of the blanket you made.

Are you on ravelry?
So funny - I was JUST editing my info on ravelry! I haven't been on in a while, but since I finished my blanket - I'm looking for a new project! Same username there as well :)
Looking for a new project... oh, I'm funny. Maybe I should use the bags of yarn I already have in my stash first, right? My husband will roll his eyes if I don't finish his sweater-jacket for the fall! I'm making a Hudson Bay striped sweater for him. Basically Ivory, with 4 big horizontal stripes - dark blue, red, yellow and green.
russm313 (author)  jazzinmarch4 years ago
I added you as a friend on ravelry :)

No one ever uses the yarn they have stashed...that's why stashes grow exponentially!

the sweater sounds very nice. Have fun picking a new project. I'm working on a Mario themed pillow for one of my sons right now. I'll have pictures on ravelry when it's done.

nice talking to you. Take care,

glogirl4 years ago
Just over 2 weeks late, I finally finished my son's Christmas present. Yippee. He loved it. Thank-you so much for this pattern.
IMG_5430 - Copy.JPG
That's the colour pattern I did for my son as well - I showed him different variation colours and that's what he chose :) Looks great!!
russm313 (author)  glogirl4 years ago
That is awesome! Great work!
Thank-you so much!
This is awesome. great job
Thank you very much!
aarnold64 years ago
hopefully you will get this, I was just wondering if you would possibly be able to make a chart for me with Luigi or the mario star or the brown mushroom, I looked at the other images you had and I can't figure out how to chart them, My son would absolutely freak out if I made him one of these... If you could help that would be great!
i m not an expert but can t you just switch red by green to have Luigi?
dlindsey14 years ago
I would love to give this a try, I have twin boys... do you have a Luigi pattern and maybe a princess one. When my kids saw this blanket one asked me if I could make it and the other one asked where Luigi was... they both thought they were really cool.
autley4 years ago
I loved making this, I used a 5.00mm hook and I did 5 rounds on each square. That made the blanket large enough to comfortably cover a king size bed. Thanks for the amazing instructable! :D
poofrabbit4 years ago
This is so cool! I'm going to see if I can do it myself, I'm very VERY excited! Thanks for the great instructable!
T-Riz4 years ago
Do you know what the yardage is for a skein of the yarn you used? I'd love to make this, but would like to support my local yarn store, which doesn't carry Red Heart.

cshreve T-Riz4 years ago
A standard skein of Red Heart is 364 yards, though I don't think that you end up using the entirety of all the skeins listed. If you are going to buy something of a different yardage, I might try buying one skein, seeing how many squares you can make with it, then buying the rest of the yarn you think you'll need according to your findings. :)
cshreve4 years ago
This is amazing! Your instructable has helped me so much with the construction of the granny square Link blanket I'm making for my boyfriend. :D I'm having a bit of difficulty figuring out how exactly to sew the point where four squares are joined at the corner, though, and was wondering if there was any way that you could post a picture a close-up of one of these joinings? That would be really awesome and very much appreciated. :)
I love love love this! I just started today and have been following your videos. Until I got to where you left off then things started to look nothing like a square. So I undid everything up to where the video stopped. Now I'm kind of stuck. I guess since it's my first time doing a project not having a video three messed me up.
sandra054 years ago
Wow. Thankyou for sharing this pattern. I have just done one with trucks and cars for my Grandson insmaller squares from a pattern book and I have taken to this type of crochet. I really enjoyed making it like a patchwork so when I came across your site I was vey happy as my eldest son (29) loves mario and I have been trying to make blankets for my children as a keepsake. So I think I will enjoy this one. As I live in Australia I will have to organise different wool etc but as it is done to whatever size I should have no problem I love that you just used a granny square. I will attach a picture of my truck one for you.
Trucks 008.jpgTrucks 010.jpg
russm313 (author)  sandra054 years ago
that is very cool!
Iridium75 years ago
 I am going to make one with mega man!
russm313 (author)  Iridium75 years ago
Awesome!  I would love to see pictures.  Did you see the mega man on my other spreadsheet?
 you made another spread sheet? where?
russm313 (author)  Iridium75 years ago
In step 6, there is a link for it.  You can also click here.
just looked at this link...so many new ideas. i cant even imagine where to begin after the one up mushroom
rndmnova4 years ago
great stuff! how do you chart it out in excel? Id like to chart a few other mario items (like the 1 up mushroom). And also just for other items. my roommate is a HUGE Domo fan (which i dont think would be too hard, but id rather chart it out). I started out knitting so its taking me time to learn crocheting, but get instructables
if you need help with the one up mushroom, i am making one now and used the mario excel and a picture of an 8 bit mushroom to help me make it. if you need the spreadsheet let me know
*great :)
twagner-14 years ago
im struggling on learning the granny square...is there any other square that could be used that is easier to learn?? or should i just practice and will get it over time? i have a while to make this so i am not in any rush right now.
russm313 (author)  twagner-14 years ago
There are limitless types of squares that can be made. However, they all rely on the basics, and this granny square that I use is the most basic form.

What is it you are having a problem with? Maybe I can help.
its hard to say because it is had to explain on a computer. i understand the concepts, its like a where to go next and i look at some of the wholes and they look too big. I understand the shells and that they go in the wholes that were made in the previous wrap, but it just seems like the wholes are too big and how many stitches to use before you make a new shell
nevermind. i figured it out after looking at the picture for a while. took me a while thought. thank you for your help though. i really appreciate it
I am making this afghan for my son for his 9th birthday thank you so much for the pattern. It is wonderful.
twagner-14 years ago
This is awesome. I took your spreadsheet as a tool to help me make the 1up mushroom if you, or anyone wants it. It is a bit bigger than the Mario, but not by much. Let me know if you, or someone wants it. There is about 36 more square than the Mario for the mushroom (Mario=252, Mushroom=288). Thank you so much for the idea!
russm313 (author)  twagner-14 years ago
Sounds awesome. Can't wait to see a picture of the finished project.
ya i am going to buy everything today when Beverlys opens. I will definitely post a picture when I am finished. I am making it for my fiance for his birthday...which is soon actually too...so hopefully i can post a picture soon
faithness4 years ago
I love this blanket but I was wondering, how big do you make each granny square? inch wise? Thank you :)
russm313 (author)  faithness4 years ago
My squares were about 4" each. that's all a matter of preference, though.
pebot4 years ago
Hi, I was wondering if you have a template for a shooting megaman, my boyfriend is wanting to make one, after I teach him how to make a granny square. It would be greatly appreciated! :)
ladyKrone4 years ago
Fantastic idea! Crocheting is always a bit daunting to me, but the granny squares are do-able. This is going to make an awesome Christmas gift for my Mario-obsessed friend :)
ivytoad4 years ago
I'm currently making this. Slowly but surely, one square at a time! I'm hoping to have it finished by Christmas :) This is *the* coolest instructable ever, I can't wait to finish the quilt. Thanks so much for sharing!
The plan is to make this Mario blankie but I will quilt it using your pattern instead of crocheting it. I also will be making your Zelda wall hanging as well which I will crochet. How ironic that I only know three crochet stitches, two being the single and double crochet stitch and the third the "afghan stitch" which it turns out is the same as your Tunisian one. How cool is that? My son and daughter in law are serious Mario and Zelda fans and have quite a collection of decorative items in their home. No blankies though :) Thank you for great tutorials and also designs!
russm313 (author)  damagedwings5 years ago
That sounds very cool.  I would love to see pictures of your finished projects.  I've got some more Zelda projects in the works now, I'll be sure and let you know when I have them posted.
Fretka russm3135 years ago
I am 1/2 way to finishing my Link blanket...but if you get more Zelda patterns, PLEASE share them !!! As soon as I am done with the4 Link blanket, i will post the pics !!
russm313 (author)  Fretka5 years ago
Can't wait to see it!
jstigger5 years ago
Russm313, I can not tell you how much fun I had making this. It was my first crochet project. The young man I made it for about cried when he saw it. Thank you so much for posting this. I now have the crochet bug. You could say you have me "hooked". I have never posted an image on here before, so here goes. Have a great day. please post more projects. H.
I'm almost done with making this blanket and I am SO excited to finish it...but I've been having trouble finding a good color for Mario's skin. I found the Red Heart tan on their online store but it doesn't look like what you used (http://www.shopredheart.com/Images.aspx?PIFID=81)... I was wondering where you got the yarn? Thanks so much!
russm313 (author)  infinitelyjen5 years ago
The link you sent does look right. The color I used was called "buff". I hope that helps. I can't wait to see your finished project.
I just finished the blanket yesterday...that color worked a lot better than I thought it would =) Thank you so much!
russm313 (author)  infinitelyjen5 years ago
That's awesome! You've got to post some pics. Let's see it!
shebzilla5 years ago
I'm just wondering for this step, is it possibly to leave the working yarn at a longer length on the granny square once it's finished, and then just using that hanging piece to connect to the square next to it?  Or is it best to just completely finish each square and then sewing them all separately?
russm313 (author)  shebzilla5 years ago
Yes, that is one possiblity.  I know some people actually do it that way. 
okay great, thanks!  I'm just learning how to crochet (from your granny square instructable, and this one!) and so I'm still kind of in the figuring out process.  I'm making a Sonic the Hedgehog version of this blanket. :)
russm313 (author)  shebzilla5 years ago
That is awesome!  I would love to see some pictures when you get finished with it.  Have you charted it out yet?
I have, and it's going to be huge, ha.  Sonic was 16-bit before he was 8-bit so it doesn't have the simplicity of old Mario, sadly!  I think it's going to end up being a Sonic-shaped blanket, because if I include a background to make it rectangular, it'll end up being 651 squares.... which is just a little bit daunting for me haha!  Without it, it's 326 squares which just seems far more reasonable :P
russm313 (author)  shebzilla5 years ago
That is going to be massive!  Good luck, and please keep me posted, I've got to see it when you're done!
I've already had to downsize the granny squares, I'm only doing them with two rounds, otherwise it will just be TOO big.  I will most definitely post pictures as my project unfolds :D  Thanks for the help!
Oh hey, I'm making a Black Mage from FF1 blanket. Mine's also gonna be pretty big. ;~; mine's 540 squares. my brother wants me to make a Megaman one and I'm proooobably not going to do it. Good luck with Sonic.
Tracysimon5 years ago
Yes it is awesome but that is not sewing it is all crochet
russm313 (author)  Tracysimon5 years ago
The blanket is made up of 251 individual squares.  They had to be SEWN together. 
Kryptonite5 years ago
Whoo! Feat of epic proportions has been completed, evidently...

Brilliant job, wonderful end result! 8 bit marios have never been warmer.
russm313 (author)  Kryptonite5 years ago
_chink_5 years ago
This is absolutely incredible and my hands are itching for the crochet hook already!

I'm actually halfway through a knitted blanket using squares, but that's just a boring old checkered pattern, not to mention I haven't touched it in about a year but I think I HAVE to give this one a go :)
russm313 (author)  _chink_5 years ago
Awesome, good luck!
KC0GRN5 years ago
I got my first square done tonight. I've been learning to crochet for a while and have done a few things, but never did a granny square until now.

This idea was just too cool to pass up. Lesse.. 1 square a day.. it's going to take me 250 more days or so to complete this? Heh, hopefully I can step up the pace a little.

Seriously though, thanks for posting this. As a guy and all, I needed a cool project to do (I've already had a few odd glances when people find out I'm crocheting).
Fruppi5 years ago
Best use of granny squares ever!
Iridium75 years ago
 Sorry but I do not have much time so do you think you make a spread sheet for me? Mega man with any background color. Thank you. Btw, 5 stars and fav and a subscribe.
russm313 (author)  Iridium75 years ago
I can do that for you, sure.  Which Megaman do you want?  The one where he is jumping?  Let me know before I chart it out.
russm313 (author)  russm3135 years ago
Ok, I charted out this Megaman for you.  I wish you well.... that's a lot of squares!
 btw how do you  know when each square is 4"?
russm313 (author)  Iridium75 years ago
They don't have to be 4" , mine just happened to come out that size.  Just choose how many "rounds" you want to make each square.  I did 4 rounds on mine.
 lobar of 8 bit love. thank you!
this looks incredible!  i'm ordering some yarn to make one of my own,  did you use the regular size red heart yarn skeins or the economy size? 
Thank you!
russm313 (author)  firstdraught5 years ago
Thank you very much.  I used the regular size skeins of Redheart Supersaver.  Though, one economy size maybe be just as well as two regular sizes. 
listoman5 years ago
Do you have the template in something other than a exel file? If not Ill just have to ask my mom to take them on a flashdrive at work or something...
russm313 (author)  listoman5 years ago
How about PDF?
Thank you very much :D

Time to start my blanket ^_^
notuboc5 years ago
ah that's so awesome! i am definitely making one of these (and also a magicite one). ps, thanks for linking to your other instructable on actually making these things, that one was perfect and clear, too~
Fretka5 years ago
excuse me for being obtuse, but how do I convert the 8 bit pics of say, Link to a pattern?
russm313 (author)  Fretka5 years ago
If you look at the spreadsheet I have attached to step 6, there are lots of other 8-bit characters there.  Just choose the one you want, and zoom into a spreadsheet and make a note of how many of each squares it would take.  You will also be able to see the order in which they will need to be sewn together.  I have done a chart of Link for you, here.  If that's not the Link you wanted, let me know and I will be happy to chart out the one you do want.
Fretka russm3135 years ago
oh excellent !! thank you so much. I truly appreciate it !
russm313 (author)  Fretka5 years ago
You are very welcome.  Is that the Link that you wanted?
Fretka russm3135 years ago
it was at first, but now I am considering the one with the cross on the shield I think...that way it would be upright for my sons bed when he manages to make it..lol...he is a college student and the worlds biggest video game geek...self proclaimed. This would make a awesome addition to his video game decorated studio apt.
If you have the time and inclination  to graph the other Link, I would be forever grateful. This is one of the coolest 'ibles I have seen...and on this site, that is saying a lot !!
russm313 (author)  Fretka5 years ago
Try this one  Please let me know if I can do anything else for you.
Fretka russm3135 years ago
now that is awesome...THANK YOU.This is exactly what I was hoping for !!
russm313 (author)  Fretka5 years ago
You are welcome, but I will need to see pictures of your finished product :)
kmodek5 years ago
I would KILL to have one of these Mario blankies!!
jazzinmarch5 years ago
 I WILL complete this project!  I don't crochet, but I knit - so I'll find a nice stitch to make the squares - thank you so much for the idea!!!  It's fantastic!
pstringer5 years ago
I am a knitter so I am going to do this project.  This is so cute.  What I like about this it is carry along project.  You can get so many done and by the time you are finish the squares you have the left to put together.  I will post you and show you final knitted results.  Thank for the idea and it is really cute.
russm313 (author)  pstringer5 years ago
I am glad you like it.  I look forward to seeing pictures of your finished project.
this is one of the coolest blankets ever...
russm313 (author)  occaligirl714mia5 years ago
Thank you :)
 what exactly is a "whip stitch"? can you send me it in a pm?
russm313 (author)  YellowZealot5 years ago
Check your PM
brunoip5 years ago
Ward_Nox5 years ago
Real life comics had a story line of the main characters wife trying this very thing
~Aeronous~5 years ago
 zOMG! THIS IS AWSOME! I SO MAKING ONE OF THESE! well maybe one 10 times smaller.
russm313 (author)  ~Aeronous~5 years ago
 no worries! this is seriously AWSM!
Fived and still trying to figure out how to FAVE things lolz!
eyebot1175 years ago

lemonie5 years ago

russm313 (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Doctor What5 years ago
 That looks intensive!  How many hours?
russm313 (author)  Doctor What5 years ago
I would estimate it took about 160 hours.
seamster5 years ago
Hey now... this is great!  Very cool--I really like it. 
russm313 (author)  seamster5 years ago
I was hoping to get the Seamster's seal of approval.  Glad you like it, thanks!
Seal of approval?

seal approval.jpg
russm313 (author)  seamster5 years ago
LOL, now my instructable is complete!