Step 3: Sew Together Individual Squares into Rows

Starting with Row one, lay out the correct colors for that row.  So as to not make any mistakes, use safety pins to attach squares. 

disconnect the first two squares to be sewn together.

Lay them face to face

Using  your large needle and matching color yarn as thread, sew the squares together.  A basic wip stitch works best.

Disconnect the next square in line and sew it to the previously sewn pair.  Repeat this until all squares from the row are connected.

Sew together all squares to form all 18 rows of the blanket.

mmorales133 years ago
Just started working on a Legend of Zelda blanket. I didn't really like the way 8bit Link looks so I actually found a perler bead interpretation of Windwaker Link, which made it easy to convert into pixels. I'm basically recreating the image exactly, but I'm using granny squares in place of perler beads.

Unfortunately, the detail means I'm going to be using thirteen colors and each square has to be tiny. About 1.75 inches. Otherwise it would be ridiculously huge at 1353 total squares. It's going to be amazing. I'm making it for my boyfriend and I can't wait to see his face when he gets it. I really wanted to do something that would blow his mind for Christmas since his deployment is coming up and when I saw this 8 bit Mario blanket I knew he'd love a Zelda version. Just hope I can finish in time >.<
aarnold64 years ago
hopefully you will get this, I was just wondering if you would possibly be able to make a chart for me with Luigi or the mario star or the brown mushroom, I looked at the other images you had and I can't figure out how to chart them, My son would absolutely freak out if I made him one of these... If you could help that would be great!
shebzilla5 years ago
I'm just wondering for this step, is it possibly to leave the working yarn at a longer length on the granny square once it's finished, and then just using that hanging piece to connect to the square next to it?  Or is it best to just completely finish each square and then sewing them all separately?
russm313 (author)  shebzilla5 years ago
Yes, that is one possiblity.  I know some people actually do it that way. 
okay great, thanks!  I'm just learning how to crochet (from your granny square instructable, and this one!) and so I'm still kind of in the figuring out process.  I'm making a Sonic the Hedgehog version of this blanket. :)
russm313 (author)  shebzilla5 years ago
That is awesome!  I would love to see some pictures when you get finished with it.  Have you charted it out yet?
I have, and it's going to be huge, ha.  Sonic was 16-bit before he was 8-bit so it doesn't have the simplicity of old Mario, sadly!  I think it's going to end up being a Sonic-shaped blanket, because if I include a background to make it rectangular, it'll end up being 651 squares.... which is just a little bit daunting for me haha!  Without it, it's 326 squares which just seems far more reasonable :P
russm313 (author)  shebzilla5 years ago
That is going to be massive!  Good luck, and please keep me posted, I've got to see it when you're done!
I've already had to downsize the granny squares, I'm only doing them with two rounds, otherwise it will just be TOO big.  I will most definitely post pictures as my project unfolds :D  Thanks for the help!
Oh hey, I'm making a Black Mage from FF1 blanket. Mine's also gonna be pretty big. ;~; mine's 540 squares. my brother wants me to make a Megaman one and I'm proooobably not going to do it. Good luck with Sonic.