Step 4: Sew Together All Rows

Now that you have all of your horizontal rows, it's time to sew them together to form the blanket.

Lay out the rows in the proper order and inspect to make sure everything is in order.

Sew together the rows, just as you did the individual squares:
Lay rows one and two together, face to face.  Sew using same wip stitch as before.

<p>I can't seem to be able to download the rest of the patterns. It's just a huge yellow back drop with various images.</p>
<p>I think that is just suggestions for other characters you could try... as far as the goku pattern I like to search for 8 bit crochet or perler bead patterns ... like this one : </p><p><a href="https://www.pinterest.com/pin/374291419001915280/" rel="nofollow">https://www.pinterest.com/pin/374291419001915280/</a></p><p>once you can see the grid each square is a granny square. Or I make my own using grid paper.<br><br>Hope this helps!</p>
<p>My friend requested a goku blanket but I can't seem to find any 8 bit patterns. How can I make a pattern for it? I've attached a picture of what i would like to make. I've tried different pattern makers out there with now luck. thank you.</p>
<p>My friend requested a goku blanket but I can't seem to find any 8 bit patterns. How can I make a pattern for it? I've attached a picture of what i would like to make. I've tried different pattern makers out there with now luck. thank you.</p>
<p>My friend requested a goku blanket but I can't seem to find any 8 bit patterns. How can I make a pattern for it? I've attached a picture of what i would like to make. I've tried different pattern makers out there with now luck. thank you.</p>
I finally finished my blanket!! (2.5 years later) I was getting so discouraged when I started to join things together as my squares weren't uniform, and things were getting puffy and lumpy. But then I learnt about steam blocking finished items made with acrylic yarn. Thank you so much for the 'ible =D<br> <br>
<p>Hi. Just wondering how many balls of wool you needed to make this? Thanks </p>
<p>Adorable blanket -chink-!</p>
That is AWESOME! I am seriously impressed. That looks fantastic! Way to go! Glad you figured out the blocking trick. I should have included that in the instructable, but I didn't have to do it with mine, so I didn't think about it.
<p>I love the skull, but cannot seem to be able to find the pattern here</p>
<p>On the last step there is a spreadsheet with different characters on it. You just have to move the picture you want onto the spreadsheet with the mario image to figure out how much of everything you need</p>
<p>Your sewing is so neat and clean! And the blanket is so awesome! You are good at sewing!</p>
<p>Can someone help me send pics to instructables? I am new to this and this is one of my biggest projects ever! So please respond.</p>
<p>I am 11 years old and I am making a luigi blanket for my little bro. I have been working on it for a long time! I am not very close to being done! I only made like 30 squares :(</p>
How did you make the Mario pattern in your spread sheet?
<p>What are the measurements for the finished blanket</p>
<p>Thanks for the easy-to-follow instructions! I've never crocheted before, and you made it very simple to learn. I made the squares a bit smaller so I could do a bit more with the background. Here is my finished blanket :) </p>
<p>and how big was the final project? TYIA</p>
Hi! My squares were about 2.5&quot; and each square was 2 rows (the center square plus 1 row around it).<br>The full blanket was 20 rows long by 16 rows wide and measured about 54x40&quot;<br><br>Hope that helps!
Oops, I realized I had a typo. It was 21 squares long... Not 20.
<p>You said you made your squares smaller, how big do they measure?/how many rows did you do? Thanks :)</p>
Very nice!!!
<p>Would it be possible to get the pattern and instructions for &quot;Link&quot;</p>
Hi love this pattern was wondering if I could do this in tunisan style and if so how many rows do I do to make a square ?
<p>Is it better to sew the squares together or is it alright to do the join as you go method with this?</p>
<p>I am currently working on this project. But i cannot seem to find the right type of yarn for Mario's skin color. Could you possibly tell me what color tan you used? My email is tamoracarr@gmail.com </p>
<p>I used the color Aran by Red Heart</p>
<p>my fiancee picked out that color. But it looked off to me. My friends and i were looking into the color Cornmeal possibly?</p>
<p>Working on my second one. The first one I made for my son and this one is for a woman who ordered one. Great project. Wish I could find more patterns like this.</p>
<p>There are a ton on pinterest, if you search 8 bit crochet. I found a lot of amazing characters i want to try</p>
<p>I would like to make a blanket now for a 3 yr old girl can any suggest what to make and where to get a pattern?</p>
<p>oh yeah here you will need my email tina.pidgeon@gmail.com. I am making Mario for her older brother who is 5 and now she wants one too...lol need help</p>
<p>can you email me the pattern/instructions for link (the legend of Zelda guy)? Also anything on ninja turtles?</p>
<p>guess my email address would help, its <a href="mailto:dleonard80@gmail.com" rel="nofollow">dleonard80@gmail.com</a> @russm313</p>
<p>Does anyone have a ninja turtle pattern that they would be willing to share?</p>
<p>just starting this blanket for my nephew, I'm soon excited! He's going to love it!</p>
<p>Oh holy wow!!! This is freaking fabulous! I have about 2 months until my son's 6th Birthday and he has been begging for a Mario theme birthday. The best part about this, I have all these colours already!! STASH BUSTER PATTERN!!!! Pleasing Husband, Child and self all in one - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!</p>
i'm almost halfway done with mine :)
That is amazing! Can't wait to see the finished project.
<p>I finally finished it!</p>
<p>Amazing! Great work!</p>
It's so cool to see the wonderful things you have inspired these people to try an even have me wanting to try my son loves Mario this would give me time to learn an have a very cool blanket ready for Christmas thank you I'll have to learn how to do this
Spent about $80 and 6 months to make a Luigi blanket based on your instructable for my younger brother (not so young anymore, he is 26). Gave it to him for Xmas this year and it was a big hit. Thanks!<br> <br> &nbsp;<br>
Howdy! Finally finished my Luigi blanket based on your instructable. Total cost was about $80 on Vanna's Choice yarn (expensive but sooooo soft and warm), a size G hook and a couple of tapestry needles. <br> <br>It took me about 6 months crocheting in between customers to do the squares and less than a month to sew them all together upon becoming unemployed... plenty of time to spend on crafts and a happier canine companion now at least! :) She did not get to keep the blanket however... I gave it to my little brother for Xmas -- not so little really, he is 26 -- and it was a big hit. <br> <br>
I've sewn together all of my granny squares into rows, but how do you sew together the rows? Do you change colors throughout or do you stick to one, more neutral color? Help, I'm almost done!
Hello, on your pricing for the Mario blanket, I am curious where you purchase yarn that you are able to buy 10 skeins for $25.00. Thanks :)
finished my blanket! Having never sucessfully crocheted before, the vids for granny squares were very easy to follow. really enjoyed making this! now i need something eles to crochet! found some converse booties that are pritty cool...think i'll need to hone my skills.<br/>thanks for the instructable. heres my blanket..
I made this for my great nephew. The directions were easy to follow and for someone who has never even made a granny square I must say I did alright :) thank you for the great tutorial
Very nice!

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