Step 4: Sew Together All Rows

Picture of Sew Together All Rows
Now that you have all of your horizontal rows, it's time to sew them together to form the blanket.

Lay out the rows in the proper order and inspect to make sure everything is in order.

Sew together the rows, just as you did the individual squares:
Lay rows one and two together, face to face.  Sew using same wip stitch as before.

kharkness13 years ago
HELLO ! : ) this a really great instructable, I've been able to follow the "putting the squares together" part very well, however, I am a little confused about how to connect the rows that have different colours.

For example, when you connected the 2nd bottom row, the the 3rd bottom row, what did you do when it went from blue-touching-blue to brown-touching-brown ? Did you tie off the blue, sew in the lose strand, and start the brown?

Thanks in advance for your help !