How to turn ordinary bread and toast into what few will call art, others will call a flagrant display of geekdom and most will call a sign of neurosis.

Our office was quite excited to hear that The Sci-Fi Channel was releasing a limited edition Battlestar Galactica toaster that seared the image of a Cylon's head into the bread. Our first response was "When can we get it?" and the second was "What ridiculous thing can we do with it?" After waiting patiently for Mr. UPS delivery guy for well over a month, we began to wonder which would come first, our toaster or the series finale that would disclose the identity of the fifth Cylon. By the time our piece of wondrous chrome was delivered, both the project and message were quite clear.

Before we start, here is a bit of background for the poor soul who is reading this and does not watch Batttlestar Galactica. The Cylons (bad robots created by humans who turned against humans) were originally a shiny chrome with heads that boasted a large horizontal slot to house their scanning red eye. Resembling a toaster, the name stuck as a derogatory term used by the humans. The Cylons have now evolved into bigger, badder robots and even exact replicas of humans. Out of the twelve human-looking models, many were living among the Colonial fleet (good guys). Four of the "final five" models were revealed this season with the mysterious identity of the last one left to torture us with anticipation.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Unless you have a Centurion with the robotic sealant dispenser and cutting tool option, you'll need all this stuff:

8 x loafs of cheap white bread
6 x 16oz bottles of Mod Podge
4 x 30"x40"x3/16" foam board
1 x packing tape
576 x small sewing push pins

1 x Battlestar Galactica Cylon Toaster
1 x utility knife or foam board cutter
1 x wide paint brush
1 x drywall square
1 x Mana Energy Potion to keep you from nodding off from the boredom of painting toast
Meanwhile in Africa...
<p>sad day</p>
"If you toast it too lightly, it looks a bit like Jesus and if it gets too dark, it looks more like Fidel Castro." "...stinks indeed" "Right about now was when I got really happy that I went for this design as opposed to my 8-bit "Last Supper" that was going to use 4,096 pieces." "My fingers ended up looking like a voodoo doll by the time I finished." "Crank some tunes and drink that Mana Energy Potion around piece number 82, resisting the urge to sweep the entire lot into a garbage bag." "This makes for a great piece of office art and should quickly replace your boss's corporate "MOTIVATION" poster with the guy climbing the cliff, golfing, clubbing baby seals or whatever." ROFLOL! You, sir, are funny!
<p>sad day</p>
How big is this actually. I'm actually considering making this and there is not a lot off wall space in my room!
Waste of bread...
What a tragic waste of food!
Cheap white bread isn't actually food.
You REALLY should spend one week in Somalia. Really.
Starvation rations != food. <br/>Food has both nutrition and cultural implications; cheap white bread is just as much food as cornstarch packing peanuts.<br/>
what if i were to eat some of those packing peanuts, what would happen?
they just dissolve in your mouth. They're not tasty, though totally edible.
lol ~someone~ knows from experience hey, if it has nutritional value, send it to little kids in Africa!
Hey,we can Invent a new food! Flavoured packing peanuts! Man im a genius!
They already exist, sorry :-( At the moment though they only do "packing peanut" flavour :-P
They do? They should make it in other flavors...:P
I know! They're crazy not to I tell ya. They should make other flavours then, years later, re-release "Original flavour" as a marketing strategy.
Original flavor?
"Packing Peanut Favour - Original and best!"
Its original alright, but it sure is not the best ;)
No but they'll make you THINK it's the best with their marketing skills ;-) That's why everyone thinks Coke is better than Pepsi, when it's quite clear Pepsi is the victor here xD
Laugh out loud...they are the same...XD
See! It's all marketing! xD
No they <strong>are</strong> the same, i'm sure they both come from the same factory to a different bottling company XD<br/>
Maybe they use different flavoured bottles :-\ Is that even possible? lol
lol agreed, Brown bread rocks my socks :P
ya...whole wheat is the best. all my friends say i'm crazy cause i hate sourdough and white bread. and lol, i used to say rocks my socks XD
Oh great <_< ...Here comes the speech again...
True, because it turns into "glue" in your stomach.
ah! You must be a prolific dumpster-diver?
Has anyone ever Rasterbated with toast and a laser engraver?
....or what others would call breakfast. YUM!
omg is that magic the gathering in the last pic?
Magic the gathering rocks.
There are real mana potions now?
they are nrg drinks.
I know i found them on the internet (lol not for users under the level of 16)
You could just use a propane torch...*rolls eyes But that would warrant the flamboyantly themed toaster redundant. I appreciate everything you have done here.
how is this 8bit. wouldnt it be 1 bit because you are either using toasted or untoasted bread. unless you have 256 levels of toasty that I cant see.
Hahahaha, that's a really good point. We'll just have to pretend there are 254 other levels of toasty that just don't appear in this particular image. Or you can not mod podge the bread and get 8-bits of colorful mold :-)
You could just burn a regular piece of toast and do the same thing, doesn't need to burn a cylon design on it. You can also use a propane torch for intricate designs, might even be a little faster.

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