You will see a common thread with most of my Instructables, and that is there all "segway" related.
This is one of the challenges I give myself in creating that years parade float / Idea.
But you can easily adapt any of them to a Dolly mount, or get even more creative!

This Is Vampire Mickey, Originally I intended to be Inside the Inflatable, but I ran into safety issues
that I couldn't overcome and decided to tether and walk with him instead.

Step 1: The Build

The concept here was to have a REALLY BIG costume, something that would really stand out from the crowd, (but still be on my segway) So I bought a 8' inflatable vampire mickey from ebay ($80)
and cut the back Seam, and glued velcro strips onto the open seam, to act as a quick exit
and keep the air in (duh) - I used the Blower that came with the inflatable and made a air pump
station mounted on the side, along with a 12V car battery, and a Power converter
(that gave me 6 hrs of operation)

Nice work Mac, What were the safety issues you couldn't over come?&nbsp; I&nbsp;used to perform inside inflatable walk around characters...&nbsp; so I&nbsp;might be able to offer some in site. Plus I'd like to know how much danger I&nbsp;was in when I&nbsp;did perform in these !!! :LOL<br />
Very Interesting idea, there!<br /> <br /> The segway to stay balanced, needs me to adjust both forward and backwards motion (like you would sway when you are standing still) just more magnified by standing on a rolling platform. And you use your peripheral vision to do that.<br /> being in the costume I could see forward. but not to the side, so I kept rolling<br /> forward and hitting things, I could not judge my distances<br /> (not a good thing for being in a parade) <br /> <br /> I tried using technology (camera's and screens inside) but it was not working out<br /> <br /> Jonathan<br />
OK, I&nbsp;understand.&nbsp; The costumes we used had clear plastic around the entire mid section and it was covered up but the sashes which were blue and red Lamee, which looks solid from a distance but is actually really see through when you are up close to it.&nbsp; The inflatable was about&nbsp; a foot maybe two feet from our head and we had really good vision...&nbsp; All but one costume which only had polka dots to see through and of course they weren't in the best places!&nbsp; If you'd like I&nbsp;could draw up some rough plans as to what they looked like?&nbsp; It might give you some ideas that might be practical for your next project.<br />
Here's a photo of the ONes I&nbsp;used to perform in not the best photo:<br /> <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/81849315@N00/3443875790" rel="nofollow">http://www.flickr.com/photos/81849315@N00/3443875790</a><br /> <br /> These were back packs with a portable power supply that was attached to our back packs and the blowers hung between our legs. Which I&nbsp;don't know why that is... when it could have bee mounted to the back pack!!!<br />
Awesome instructable. I saw this and originally didn't realize you&nbsp;incorporated&nbsp;the&nbsp;portable&nbsp;inflation&nbsp;mechanism. Wow.<br /> <br /> I wonder if the amount of constant re-inflation could be reduced by filling most of Mickey with sealed bladders like the Instructable guys did with their <a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Help_Build_a_Giant_Inflatable_Instructables_Robot/" rel="nofollow">giant inflatable robot</a>. A bladder system could&nbsp;dramatically&nbsp;extend the inflation lifetime.<br />
Thanks!!<br /> <br /> It wasn't that bad. Since I had the air station, I had a good supply of air without a problem, and if I REALLY wanted to extend the life, I could have squeezed another 4 hours out of it, by going with a 12V blower, and removing <br /> the power converter and 110V blower.<br /> <br /> Jonathan<br />
or u could fill him with expandidng foam.that would never deflate!
LOL&nbsp;- Or fit thru a doorway!<br /> <br /> :)<br /> <br /> Jonathan<br />
u could cut off the arms and legs and add heavy-duty velcro
I could cut off his arms and legs, send a ransom note to Disney,<br /> say send me $10,000 or the next piece of Mickey will be his head,<br /> <br /> ...But Seriously Folks.....<br /> <br /> It was perfect as a inflatable - Sometimes the K.I.S.S principle is the BEST principle.<br /> <br /> Jonathan<br /> <br /> <br />

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