Step 20: Mount the Engine

I installed the engine two degrees to the right to counter the engine torque. Simply add a few washers to the left side between the firewall and the engines back plate.

Bolt the motor and wing on and using the center of the wing spar as the balance point.
Mine was tale heavy so I used longer and longer bolts to hold the motor and a wood spacer between it and the firewall.

You will have to play with this to get it right, also you may want to mount your radio battery in the nose for more weight there without moving the engine as far. I used four 10/32 x 3" bolts with nylon lock nuts to hold the motor in place.

Shown below is the 18cc engine, the 25cc engine weighs more so it didn't need to go out as far.

After the engine is mounted and the airframe balances drill two 1/4" holes in the fire wall on the side of the carb. One hole is for fuel in and the other is for overflow and returns to the tank.

Then mount the throttle servo behind the engine like in the second pic.

Can any one mail me the plans please.i want to try build this plane.marcellvg@gmail.com
Nick, I saw your car setup. If you had an extended bed pickup, you could just strap it in and go.
hi we can use the electric motors in the aircraft
<p>you would need a very large pricy motor and many batteries, yes you could do it, but the cost would be very high. Thats why real aircraft burn fuel as well.</p>
<p>That's really not true anymore. Motors and batteries are a lot cheaper these days. I fly a 6' wingspan aircraft with a $15 Emax motor and 2200mah batteries ($12 each from Hobby King).</p><p>In fact, at my flying club no one flies gas motors anymore.</p>
<p>HI Man ! </p><p> I dont understand wht you have shared with us u didnt mention the fuselage width any where (fool) , I had to modify this plan at several places without those modification it was very poor in strength if u wanna share something with public so plz be honest . I made this cub u can see here !! DLA 32 motor 7 feet span :-)</p>
<p>thats one sweet looking plane!!!!</p>
<p>I can't find the plastic at any local company or home depot. Any suggestions?</p>
<p>Look for a sign maker, election signs are made out of the stuff</p>
<p>Weish,</p><p>Thanks for your reply and yes you are right but the nerve of that clown after someone spends time to give us something.... I had not even flown a rc plane for a full week and stumbled across this instructable, and must say a very Kool website... started building this plane the hobby shop in town were a little shaken I decided to start building at such and early start, mouths were hanging... did not tell em Zac has a website out...</p>
<p>what are included in the plans for this plane. I wanted to know because I do not have a pro membership and I wanted to know before I buy it</p>
The link to &quot;Wackerengines&quot;, is dead. Page doesn't exist.
<p>yes sadly they have gone under, so its a little harder to make the craft now, you need to find someone who can make the parts for you....</p>
Where can I get instructions or watch videos on how to build an rc airplane with a weed wacker motor? Also parts? I am new to this hobby, but i am very excited to build one of these. Thanks.
<p>Its been many months since I looked at my own instructables and wow, I am glad people are enjoying them thank you for the kind comments. I have had a couple of kids in the past two years and have been very busy with them. I see a lot of questions and some complete builds. Also some criticism of my instructions, thats fine, I am not nor do I claim to be a professional writer of instructions. After all you get what you pay for. </p>
<p>Goof Muhammad dont talk to Zac like that the guy did us a favor not our fault your mentally challenged and did not understand his plans, other is you sound foreign go back to your country, goofball take a walk clown we were having a good time till you opened your fat lips</p>
<p>was it really necessary to bring race into this, tweakster? yeah he was a bit rude in his comment, but turning the hostility up to 11 isn't the answer. please remember the instructables &quot;be nice&quot; comment policy exists so that our community remains a friendly one, for newcomers, foreigners, and even the rare rude person.</p>
<p>Foreigners... It's an interesting concept. At this stage of the conversation it may be well to point out that everyone in the USA is a foreigner to the rest of the world. </p><p>The Internet is an International website. I don't remember being told when I signed up that it was a US only website. I do recall when I open a window to write a comment, I'm reminded of the &quot;be nice policy&quot;. So is everyone else so really, there is no reason to tolerate rude or insulting people for any reason.</p><p>90% of the ideas here were at one time invented or described on similar sites to this one but totally alien to most Americans who more often than not expect everyone they meet to speak English. </p><p>That might be the reason why the largest nation in the world (China) teaches Foreign languages to its children. I think you're right in what you say Weish but I don't believe there is any place here or anywhere else where rudeness should be tolerated. Rarely or not.</p><p>I think Zachary did an excellent job of describing his project. If someone didn't comprehend it, all they need do is ask for clarity. I can't speak for Zachary but I'm sure the majority of people in this group would be only too happy to explain whatever it is someone doesn't understand. I've thought for a long time about using a small 2 stroke &quot;brush cutter&quot; engine to power a model.</p><p>Sorry I used your reply as my launch pad for posting my opinion but I thought about foreigners and figured I'd put in my 9.23&cent; worth. (at exchange rates).</p>
And this folks, is why everyone in our world is dying. Because, we have people with 1/8 of a brain saying rude things about one another! So please, think before you speak. PS: Awsome project dude! I love RC planes too.
hw much is the tc pad
good but if I want it in an aeroplane shape how will I do it and how will I get the materials.how many motor will I use and the power of the motor.plz I need reply I wanna do mine too in an aeroplane shape.
<p>Holy cow, that thing's enormous! Nice build, looks like it must be really fun to fly.</p>
Where are the PDF plans. I don't see it
What was your all up weight
16lbs with the 25cc motor
hello! would anyone be able to send me links of where i can get some of these items online? pleease??
most parts can be had at a local hobby shop or tower hobbies online.
hello, i am about 3 quarters of the way through with the construction of my plane using yours as a guide. i have made some changes. i could not get the coroplast to hold using the glue. i used pop rivets (1/2 inch) with aluminum washers on the other side to hold the wing together. instead of using 2mm coroplast on the top of the wing i used 1mm plastic that i salvaged from an old sign. i also made my own landing gear from an old sign that was 1/8&quot; aluminum. i made it to the measurements from the ordering page in the catalog. i cut it to shape and used a metal break to bend it, it turned out nice. i didn't exactly know how to mount my engine so i drilled two holes in the engine mount (one on each side) and tapered them and using blind nuts i bolted it to the firewall. also you must have had something that turned your carb sideways because i had to make a throttle linkage that bolted to my crankcase to pull the throttle straight back. so i had to mount my throttle servo inside my fusalage and drill a hole through the firewall to connect my pushrod. another thing i did was drill some small holes in the hinge about 2&quot; apart to make the hinges on the tail easier to bend. i am waiting to order my radio so i can get this thing airborn. i have tuned it and fully loaded (minus the receiver) it weighs 16+ pounds.i just wanted to say thank you for all your help and wish me luck
your welcome, strange you couldnt get the glue to stick, it wasnt foam safe CA was it, that stuff is weak. And you ran a torch over the plastic to burn off the oil didn't you?
how does it turn
i didn't make this instructable, but almost all radio controlled airplanes of this size use servomotors to move the ailerons, rudder, and elevator to turn, the same way a full-size airplane does. to initiate a coordinated left turn, you give left aileron and rudder, then slowly increase rudder while bringing the aileron stick back to neutral, using the elevator to prevent it from nosing over. you then neutralize the rudder, and give a bit of right aileron to bring it back to level. do the reverse of this for a right turn.
Wow this is awesome! Planning on building this when I finish year 12. <br> <br>I noticed in the Parts list that the Gas tank conversion kit, it says in the specs (do not use with Flextanks) but the tank in the parts list is a Flextank. Is that an error or does that tank hold up to gas? <br> <br>One more question, I only have access to 900x600x3MM thick coroplast, would that be ok for the whole plane including the top and bottom of the wing? <br>BTW I will be making a two piece wing for easy transport with a small wooden spar in each wing plus a removable metal tube that goes into both wings so they don't fold. <br> <br>I was actually already thinking of making a cub with a 25cc weedwacker engine then found this incredible instructable, made my day! <br> <br>Thanks for your time! :)
Oh he fuel tank....the tank itself works fine, the stopper and tubes that come with are not gas safe, the conversion kit makes it safe...
So i can now get a hold of 5mm and 3mm coroplast in 900x600mm sheets, its already underpowered with the 25cc weedwacker, do you think 5&amp;3 for the wing would be too heavy? <br> <br>Also i have already purchased five of these for the wing/throttle. <br>http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__16269__HK15138_Standard_Analog_Servo_38g_4_3kg_0_17s_.html <br> <br>Would this be a suitable servo for the tail surfaces? <br>http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__9655__Power_HD_Standard_Servo_43g_5_8kg_16sec.html <br> <br>Just wanna make sure before i go ahead and start building :P.
The rudder dont need as much power as the elevator, I would go at least 100 Oz torque on it. Thats the only way you will be sure to get enough control in a crisis situation. <br> <br>!8cc was underpowered, 25cc tuned was pretty good, 35cc would be great :) <br> <br>As to the thickness you plkan on using, it will work, but it will be slightly heavier and hard to fold.... 2mm top wing was easy to build... <br>
I used 2mm for the top of the wing because it curves and bends easy, 3 mm may be to thick for that, the rest could be made with 3mm though it may not be as ridged as 4mm for the hull and bottom of the wing.<br><br>I tried to make a two piece wing once, the problem you will see is that when you make a long wing it gets much more support from the long length of coroplast on the bottom and it stops the flexible plastic from giving. The two pier one I made with an aluminum pipe for a center spar let the whole wing flex allot so much I was afraid to fly it. You might have better luck!<br><br>Thanks for the comment! Ad good luck
Is there a set of printed plans for the large scale cub. <br>What a nice looking plane, I have been in RC for years but got out of it when I started to fly a Powered Parachute but seeing that I am getting older and retired and thinking I might have to give that up and I don't want to give up flying. When I was fly RC i built a BalsaUSA 1/4 scale cub which had a 108 inch wing span, I feel this is a good starting point.<br>Don
Their are measurements in this instructable, no plans per say. Just keep reading, its not like balsa were you build on prints, this is mush simpler.<br><br>Enjoy!<br><br>Oh this one will not fly like balsa, its heavy, it will fly like the real plane.
Thanks, I noticed the dem. when I downloaded the plans. Looking forward to start building.
thanks again Zac for this Instructional<br><br>for other builders I sent Zac 20 bucks for a case of beer but he said he is using it for Hobbies, would be nice if others could do the same as I think The Great Brain of Planes deserves to have us pay for his Plane<br><br>Believe U me I appreciate this...<br>
your the best mate Cheers!<br>
so what is prop size?
it varies for whatever engine you use, but a 16x6 to 18x4 would be a good starting point, you want max rpm, so you may have to try a few to get it...
trying to figure out how to download the plans to build the cub, need help<br>Don
you should see a .pdf icon at the top click on it and it will let you download, if your a member....
This is very nice. Did you train to fly on a simulator? If so which one? I am just getting started in model air planes and I want to know the basics before I go and crash a plane. Thanks.
I am self taught, I used a very crash resistant airplane to learn on, the Air Core Trainer, and I started out with FMS the free simulator. My Dad got me a cable to connect my radio to the PC and I got my bearings that way. I crashed the trainer a few times and lost more than one propeller but it kept on flying. I have also uses Aerofly a cheap alternative to RealFlight.
Wow nickademuss I admit you are really into RC.<br> Few RC flyer self taught rarely succeed because they would have crash so many times during their learning curve and usually give up half way.<br>Nice Piper cub!<br>I love coroplast aircraft and have design a few usually electric. <br><br>This one is a scratch built racer at <br><br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_n7KA5jD80<br><br>Cheers
Thanks! If I flew balsa at the start I would of gave up.... but plastic lives to fly again and again!
&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Im surprised you could start on nitro i still have difficulty flying my super cub with act off , anyways just curios but why is nitro harder to learn than electric anyway?

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