Here are 8 easy to make home made hacks for removing your eye makeup! You can find all of these ingredients lying around your house and in your local health food store.

I have tried each of these on myself and they all work just as good as any eye makeup remover I have bought at the drug store. Try them out for yourself and let me know how they work for you!

Step 1: Avocados

I found a lot of recipes for eye makeup remover that called for avocado oil.  I had some avocados lying around the kitchen...thus avocado oil!

For this I just took a q-tip and swabbed the avocado.  You don't need to get a chunk of avocado on the q-tip, just coat it in the oil from the avocado.
<p>extra virgin olive oil is my baby. I can't use ANY makeup remover without crying my eyes out because it sticks so good to my dry skin, so olive oil is definitely the best solution for me.</p>
<p>baby wipes duh</p>
<p>I have made an eye makeup remover from coconut oil, lavender oil and vitamin E. It works great, at removing makeup that is, but, my eyes feel annoying for the rest of the day as a result of some of it eventually getting into them. Any advice? </p>
<p>Essential oils can can be irritating. Leave out the lavender oil as a test. If it works without the irritation, try substituting another E.O. for smell if you want.</p>
Baby oil works like a champ
I use Huggies Baby wipe to remove my make-up. They make a cucumber scented wipe that smells nice and isnt harsh on my skin. Removes all traces of makeup!
Veg oil and Grape and Castor oil tied FTW (for the win)
I just use olive oil. It's quick, easy, and works perfectly.<br>
What I like to do is buy a small, travel sized bottle from target or walmart (they're around $1)<br>Fill the bottle with 1/2 witch hazel &amp; 1/2 olive oil<br>Be sure to shake the two parts together before using<br>It makes your skin super soft and it literally removes the most stubborn makeup.<br><br>http://lushluxelovely.blogspot.com/
Great tips!&nbsp; I&nbsp; use sweet almond oil to take off my stubborn eye makeup.&nbsp; It seems to work just as well as some of the expensive makeup removers that I have used.&nbsp;&nbsp; I also feel as though it is <a href="http://revealgreatskin.com">nourishing and moisturizing</a> my eye area at the same time.&nbsp;&nbsp; But I really want to try some of your mixtures as jojoba oil and olive oil are also very good for the skin.<br> Thanks for the great tips.<br> <br> Victoria<br> Publisher, http://revealgreatskin.com<br>
This is really great thank you so much i hate spending all that money on makeup remover that i use so much when i put somthing on and dislike it
Awesome, I know plenty of people who need to know this.
I love using olive oil to remove make up. I think it should also be noted that extra virgin olive oil is the best to use. Extra virgin comes from the first cold pressing of the olives and will have the most benefits, plus taste, and with each press (virgin olive oil, olive oil) it loses these benefits
Awesome! And dang it, I just bought eye make-up remover. Can you believe it?? What was I thinking?!!

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