8-Minute-instructable: Virtually indestructable iPhone Case

Picture of 8-Minute-instructable: Virtually indestructable iPhone Case
The school has already started again , And practicing basketball ain't the best sport to leave your iphone just there , unprotected , almost naked , inmune to really hard hits falls and sweat!

So, I made a Quick trip to the thrift store and bought this Pelican case for 50 pesos ( Which is approximately 5 dollars ) So my iphone had a tad bit more protection , but I wasn't fully happy , my iPhone rattled in the inside and I didn't like that , I Wanted A GOOD , SHOCK and WEATHER resistant case .

So after looking in my 'shop' I found some Weather sealant foam Strips , These are Cushioned , And Soft Enough to hold my iPhone Tightly and securely

Then I thought " Why the heck not"!

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Step 1: What's Needed?

Picture of What's Needed?
You need essentially two things :
  • A Resistant , Weather/Water Proof Rectangular Case of some sort .(Fireproof Optional)
(I Used A "refurbished" Pelican (R) Case , It was cheap enough to buy It )
(These are sold in virtually any camping or gun shop )(new ones may cost more)

  • About half a meter (50cm or well 20 inches) of weather sealing foam
( Found in the hardware section of a big store , the self adhesive version or the regular
version they both Work)

And for the tools section
-A Ruler
-And your locomotive system and it's extremities (ie. hands ,brain, muscles, nerves, etc.)

I Took most of the pictures with my iPhone , I was too lazy to search for the camera charger thing.

I am not associated with Pelican(R) BTW.

Step 2: Measure once , Cut Three times...

Picture of Measure once , Cut Three times...
Measure the insides of the case with the ruler , Then cut out fairly accurate pieces of foam with the measure ments you took earlier .

Each piece should be snug in the case.

Step 3: Cut Once Again

Picture of Cut Once Again
Now Cut the Foam Strip in Half Lengthways .

Do This To all of the foam strips (ya cut t0o ,rite?)

Step 4: Put two in the inside (and more measuring)

Picture of Put two in the inside (and more measuring)
Insert two of your freshly cut strips in the inside, in the bottom.

Optional , follow only if there's a gap between strips !!1!=

Step 5: Fillin Thee gap

Picture of Fillin Thee gap
Cut one more Strip of foam , the length of the gap .
Cut it half length ways
Cut lengthways the width of the gap.
Insert the recently cut piece in the gap.


Step 6: Side Protection

Picture of Side Protection
Basically ,what we will do here is placing the halves of strip in the sides.

Cut the scrap foam to fit in the top (were the Line-out is ) and In the Bottom (were microphone and speaker are)

Step 7: Final Thougths

Picture of Final Thougths
After testing this apparatus ,( 2 meter submersion , 75 cm drop , minimum rain exposure ....) My iPhone was Completely intact .

Let's go to the court!

See ya !

I Hope you liked this instructable , thanks a lot for reading it !
Schmidty162 years ago
check out this one go to apples web site and type in isurvival case
kaelby4 years ago
this is great. I saw pelican sell cases especially for an iphone but they're not available in the UK, however these multi purpose micro cases seem to be more available and cheaper.
Gage9876 years ago
i love that case
cflowers6 years ago
Great instructable! I featured it on The Daily Hack. Keep up the great work!

Charlie Flowers
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
what's the point if you can't use your iPhone?
To keep it safe from falling, getting something dropped on it, or getting wet while you're not using it. You can't exactly keep you're phone on you while playing basketball, like it says in the second sentence.
I think the main reason that iPhones are a waste of money is that they are not durable. It's meant to be taken out with you, you're supposed to be seen with it, you're meant to use it, yet they make them fragile. Mindboggling. I understand the need for a case (and I'm not knocking your Instructable), but why hide something that is by design supposed to be dead sexy, easy to use, and seen by all?
noahw6 years ago
Careful on the submersion test. I've seen those fail time and time again protecting people's digital bits in wet environments. During the summer I'm a white water rafting guide, and many people have complained about the small pelican case not being up to snuff for total water immersion. They're great for splashes and impacts though...just a word of caution from someone who has seen a bunch of those things cause problems.
acaz93 (author)  noahw6 years ago
This one specifically , Is Really Water tight , I did the test using some cotton and a pH strip
ve2vfd6 years ago
Can you hear it ring inside an airtight case?
acaz93 (author)  ve2vfd6 years ago
Yep , You can even see the screen flashing