Step 14: Get your own

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I started with 50 of these 8-Pin Programming Shield Kits to give away.

I have no more kits to give away! Thanks to everyone who participated.

I will be sending them as thank you gifts to the next 9 people that post Instructables that meet the following criteria:

- Was posted on or after October 12th, 2011
- Uses an Arduino or ATtiny
- Has 4 or more steps
- Has full original written and photo documentation

Simply post a link to your project in the comment section of this Instructable and I will compile a list of the first 50 people to properly complete a project and respond. All of these people will receive one one of these kits as a thank you gift.
stealthop2 years ago
where do you get your pcb's manufactured ? everywhere i have tried seems outlandishly expensive . i have noticed that small kits for sale are pretty cheap
but when i try to get a pcb manufactured (3" x 4") it costs like 300 bucks. any help would be great, thanks.
lmperkins3 years ago
If you've got any kits left here is my instructable posted in December:


Bot13983 years ago
If the offer is still valid then here is my project:
Light Sensing LEDs
Here's my Arduino project: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-an-Obstacle-Avoiding-Arduino-Robot/
Nice Instructable btw!
Panici3 years ago
Got any of those ATtiny shields left?

If not, no worries, i'll make one as my next project.
But it would be nice if you saved me the work!

Here's my instructable. 16 digit display and an ATtiny85
TobaTobias3 years ago
Here is my instructable. I made a ATtiny shield with a few components and a pcb. It also explains how to program the ATtiny.


Your project is really nice :)
I hope you still have some.
baharini3 years ago
Here's my Instructable. It is very original and has never been tested on the ATTiny45/85.
It shows how to connect a character LCD to the ATTiny via a shift register, and how to generally program an ATTiny45/85 with an Arduino.
Here's the link:
By the way, I really love this project.
It is WAY easier programming chips your way than using a breadboard.
Keep up the good work :)
Hope I make the list :)
wirenut19803 years ago
Here is my link, hope it makes the list! By the way Awesome shield and already have a project in mind for an ATtiny!

astroboy9073 years ago
Maybe got one last one? ;)
gab3iel3 years ago
That shield looks pretty awsome!

Here's my instructable:


I hope you like it!
kenyer3 years ago
Wow this is really cool. I want one :) Here is my link:

PS I think that I've made the same shield, but yours looks so much better.
LexanPanda3 years ago
I'm not sure how I missed this Instructable, but this shield would have been a huge time saver when I made this with an ATtiny85V:

I don't suppose this qualifies me for one of these kits? (:
phorvath923 years ago
Hi this is my first instructable:


I hope it would be good enough to get a kit :)
apburner3 years ago
Hey how do I open the tmp file to get a board layout. would love to make this my first attempt at etching my own.
thanks mine just came in the mail but fedex crushed my attiny but ill get a new one
Cello623 years ago
And 'the package arrived from the U.S. yesterday, thanks a lot!
Hi there :)
Here is my little Arduinoproject:
I really really hope being qualified for getting one of your kits *crossing fingers* :)
MFG Michelangelclone
randofo (author)  Michelangelclone3 years ago
Thanks for sharing
I count this as a "yes"!? :)
I have to thank YOU^^
AntMan2323 years ago
Er, just seen this, here's my entry!

randofo (author)  AntMan2323 years ago
Thanks for sharing.
javacasm3 years ago
Here I am!!
My first instructable
Do I got one?
randofo (author)  javacasm3 years ago
Thanks for sharing your project.
javacasm3 years ago
Am I in time for getting a free board?
mtawanyika3 years ago
hellos where i can find it device in my country(Tanzania) be course i need it too in my workshop
randofo (author)  mtawanyika3 years ago
I'm not sure where you can find an Arduino, but if you want one of these shields, you just need to post a project using an Arduino or ATtiny chip following the instructions above.
elevenbytes3 years ago
I got a PM telling me about this page. Sounds like a cool program. Here's my link:

randofo (author)  elevenbytes3 years ago
Cool. Thanks for sharing.
fjordcarver3 years ago
Here's mine, hope I qualify and am not to late.
randofo (author)  fjordcarver3 years ago
Thanks for sharing!
How many do you have left?

Anyways, here's mine.

Here is my project.
Cello623 years ago
Thanks for sharing
Here's my project:
Here's my project--using an Arduino--thanks for the opportunity on this kit :)

otto563 years ago
Got home from school and whipped this up Enjoy :)
randofo (author)  otto563 years ago
Thanks for sharing. I have added you to the list.
otto56 randofo3 years ago
How and when are we going to get the programming shields.
kochan3 years ago
http://www.instructables.com/id/home-made-usb-mp3-player/ ......... add me to the list brother...... :-)
ryan12713 years ago
Here is my entry

Heres my entry

how many more shields you got
Hi, Randy!
Please give me the one.
Your instructables are extremely beautiful!
osbock3 years ago
Awesome! Now if I could just find a zif socket.
Here's my entry which uses attiny85!
ForgerOfPie3 years ago
Any more shield left? I'm trying to create a dead bug style fading RGB LED with the AtTiny, and I haven't found a good way to program them. They're gonna go inside my pumpkins on Halloween! Also, if you're looking for the project, I decided not to post it. It's very simple, requiring only a few solder points, so I'm pretty sure you could do it yourself. That's what DIY is about, isn't it?
kochan3 years ago
randofo (author)  kochan3 years ago
I think you are sharing the wrong link
geniusgob3 years ago
randofo (author)  geniusgob3 years ago
Thanks for sharing!
gwrome3 years ago
Bribery was the incentive I needed to post my first instructable!


I got my arduino last week, and this was my first self-directed project. It was fun, and I'd definitely do another instructable.
randofo (author)  gwrome3 years ago
Thanks for sharing. You have been added to the list.

Hope this qualifies.
randofo (author)  Dominion-Network3 years ago
Nice. Thanks for sharing. Have added you to the list.
Grissini3 years ago
Fingers crossed. Colorduino- You accepting clones from idiots? 

randofo (author)  Grissini3 years ago
This is great. Thanks for sharing.
heres mine:
randofo (author)  prettypinkprincess3 years ago
Your instructions are incomplete still. You need to show people how to configure the board so that the software speaks to the board. Your instructions currently won't get the Arduino to work.
Bongmaster3 years ago
Heres one i wrote on the back of a napkin can i has board nao? :0

randofo (author)  Bongmaster3 years ago
Instructable or it didn't happen!
sbuhlig3 years ago
Do want!
smnoor883 years ago
Here's my instructable



randofo (author)  smnoor883 years ago
These were posted before October 12th, 2011 and are not Step-by-Step projects with 4 or more steps. Perhaps you can repost them with step-by-step instructions for how to do it?
chrwei3 years ago
does it need to be arduino form factor compatible, or would something using teensyduino qualify?
rpaul43 years ago
Will you be giving away assembled or un-assembled shield kits??
randofo (author)  rpaul43 years ago
Unassembled shield kits.


BTW, this is an awesome thing you've got going here.
Here's my submission :D
I hope to qualify.

sholtob3 years ago
heres my arduino project, i could replace the arduino in it with an ATtiny in the future
vishalapr3 years ago
Here is my instreuctable...I was making this since a long time...and now Im finished! Hope it helps beginners!


Hope it qualifies for the gift!
rahulkar3 years ago
My first post in instructables.

mosvath3 years ago
This is my first try to publish something.

randofo (author)  mosvath3 years ago
Thanks for sharing your project. Nice first Instructable!
bjarni19953 years ago
Here's my instructable


Am i too late to enter??
randofo (author)  bjarni19953 years ago
Thanks for posting a project.
MrkTrussell3 years ago
Arduino RFID:

Just finished!
randofo (author)  MrkTrussell3 years ago
Thanks for sharing!
vishalapr3 years ago
Will you give them to international as well?
randofo (author)  vishalapr3 years ago
What is the current amount of entries?
randofo (author)  blinkyblinky3 years ago
7 people have shared projects.
wirenut3 years ago
I would like one as I am in the process of trying to downsize some projects
paasselin3 years ago
Here's mine.
Looking forward to programming the chip on my TV-B-Gone to do some other crazy stuff.

Heres my newest arduino project, ill be replacing the arduino in it with a ATtiny in the future
randofo (author)  thematthewknot3 years ago
Thanks for posting.
juggleboy3 years ago
This looks like fun! Here is my Arduino 'ible: Arduino Siren
nadav3 years ago
Heres my 'ible. Hope it helps someone. http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Temperature-Sensor/
astroboy9073 years ago
cant wait to start- but I wont be able to do much before the 24th :(
I want one.... to schematic editor I go!
Goalieguy3 years ago
Cool! I wasn't going to make an instructable on this, especially since I still have some other projects in progress, but I could use one of those shields. I just started working with arduino a few months ago, but I am already running out of things to do with the materials I have.

Anyway, here's my instructable.
randofo (author)  Goalieguy3 years ago
Thanks for being the first to share!

I'll add your name to the list and you should be contacted with instructions for claiming a shield within the next week.
arnefl3 years ago
Nice work! Looking forward to testing this out.

I assume the pins Vin and 3v3 on one header and AREF, 8 and 9 on the other, are just for cosmetics and not really in use?

I changed the PCB a bit, just to have it single sided with only 2 bridges on the top.

Thanks for posting!