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SO you were surfing Pinterest at 2 am because you've got the itch to make something trendy and upcycled from a pallet. The only problem is now you've got to take apart said pallet, and if you haven't done that before, well, welcome to the club of discouragement. A cheapo pallet tool from Homedepot starts at $40 and goes up to around $300 essentially a crowbar with two teeth that just lifts the board out.

Materials Required:

2x 10ft 1/2 inch Rebar aprox. $4.25 at home depot

Boom that's it!


Tools Required:

Welder of some kind, I will be using the flux core cheepo welding machine from harbor freight that i got for $80


Duct Tape

Measuring device


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Step 8: Done1

This is a project that I was just making plans for over the weekend

I will post Pictures (maybe) of the process but for sure the finished project.

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Swansong (author)2017-08-04

That's a neat idea :) I'd love to see the finished product when you make it.

valthie (author)Swansong2017-08-06

made it, super easy!

valthie made it! (author)2017-08-06

This is my proof of concept, i went back and improved upon the welds with a stick welder, as well as cleaned it up a bit painted it black for a more "professional look" i plan to add another 3rd peice of rebar to the handle for added suupoort

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