Hey everyone im extreme builder and this is my new 8 shot hand gun revolver. This is one of the first decent revolver guns i have seen but im not sure. Now for the range it sometime shoots 20 feet and others 40 feet u never know. im going to be posting a video soon to and that will explain the gun a little more. please everyone be nice because it takes anywhere from 5 to 10 hours to take the pictures and the instructables so if you guys start getting nasty ill just stop posting my guns. If you guys have any questions just ask and ill answer it probably the same day. thanks and enjoy!!!

and please RATE and COMMENT!

327 but because u can make the revolver how ever u want this number can change by alot

look at my 12 shot knex gun

hey everyone,
check out my youtube page

Step 1: Handle

handle parts

-10 yellow connectors
-4 gray two slot connectors
-6 green rods
-3 blue rods
-4 black Y connector
-4 blue spacers
-6 white rods


Step 2: Trigger

trigger parts

-1 gray two slot connector
-2 green rods
-3 blue rods
-4 blue spacers
-4 white rods
-2 green connector
-3 gray spacers
-2 yellow rods
-2 red connectors


Step 3: Body

body parts

-8 white connectors
-4 yellow connectors
-3 red connectors
-2 green connectors
-3 gray two slot connectors
-8 white rods
-6 blue rods
-16 green rods
-4 gray spacers
-12 blue spacers


Step 4: Barrel

barrel parts

-5 red rods
-2 white connectors
-12 yellow connectors
-2 green connectors
-6 green rods
-1 white rod
-2 gray spacers
-2 blue spacers
-3 gray one slot connectors (one moded)


Step 5: Firing Pin

firing pin parts

-1 red rod
-1 orange connector


Step 6: Revovler

revolver parts

-64 gray two slop connectors
-64 green rods
-13 white connectors
-8 yellow rods
-8 black ball joint connectors
-3 gray one slot connectors
-2 blue spacers
-2 tan rod connectors

u can make the revolver how ever u want this number can change by alot by making more gaps

Step 7: Put It Together

<p>too many pieces- could you make it much smaller? i built one with only 94 pieces and it still revolved, but with a rubber band. it still could shoot 30 ft. and had 8 shots! </p>
May I use this revolver on my new gun, I am going to post it soon.
what is a tan rod
reinforced red rod
The 'tan rod connector' is the little tan coloured piece with a small rod on it. Shown in the bottom picture :)
I did make an alternative revolving mechanism for this gun because I didn't want to cut one of my grey connectors. It locks into place when you turn the revolving part of the gun. I strengthened the barrel end of the gun because it requires a little force to lock into place, but it still works. I also modified the handle around the way I hold the gun. However, I still needed to sharpen the firing pin for it to fit through the ball joint. But I have loads of grey rods, so yeah! Great gun by the way! :) It shoots fantastically and is really easy and fun to make! Would it be possible to get permission from extreme builder to upload my own instrutable of this gun with my modifications? I will give lots of credit. :D
EVERYONE LISTEN, ITS ABOUT THE BALL JOINTS<br><br>Look; The black ball joints are used to hold the bullets in place so they DONT fall out the back, they help A LOT.<br><br>You connect them directly to the White &quot;Full moon&quot; connector. You put them right on the side of the connector
Could you change the trigger.
needs revolver<br>
this is the instructions that you aint under standing lol
It's not a true revolver, it's a pepper box gun. Look it up and see why they aren't made much any more.
could i put the turet from this gun on your revolver? <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Turret-Pistol/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Turret-Pistol/</a>
great gun
the lock on the spinning barrels is easy and pretty smart 4.5*
looks like a nerf gun :P
where is the revolver?????? can you please reply asap? thanks
can u mold the piece by putting it in a microwave or a kettle so that u can mold it into place?
I made it without the ball-joint connectors but i think it decreases the power and also you have to load the gun every time you want to shoot. could someone make a vid explaining how and where to connect the ball-joints? :)
Where can we find the Modification used in the video with spinning free?
Wow, The first Red Rod mod I'v seen so far, Well I got like a million red rods so i dun really care if I need to sharpen it. :)
I made it without modifying any pieces but i did add 2 extra pieces i.e. a yellow connector and a green connector on the end (sorry my pic didnt load)
yes 37 ,&nbsp;2 extra yellow conectors
39 because 2 extra grey on pic 4
yh what about that revolv:
are you sure its 300somthing pices
Should I use ball joints or dark grey connectors???
i;m not understanding how it locks in and what the ball joints r for
any other good guns you know of
I made something like this, it is a breech-loading single-action standard 4-shot&nbsp;revolver, it fires white rods or the longer conversion rods, it looks a lot like the ambassador revolver.
easy gun but shoots really good
do you have to sharpen the rod?
its best to do that with a hand held pencil sharpener
Wow I never thougt of using a sharpener! I'm so dumb... I used a nail filer.
sharpen it with a sharpener then get it really sharp with a filer
lol. use a pencil sharpener. it'll cut ur time in half. i haven't tried an electric pencil sharpener though.
the electic pincil sharpener workes so so much better than a nail filer or a handheld pencil sharpener
i did it works very fast!
you could also use a drill and a filer. put the rod in the drill and hold it to the filer. you will get a nice, smooth and sharp point
do u mean drill a hole in the rod, or replace the bit with a rod?
i mean that you have to replace the bit with a knex rod. maybe i will make an instructable to make sharp knex rods.
Trust Me. A nail filer works so much better. An get a gear box to turn the k'nex pieces so you can just hold the hiir filer there
Yes, sadly... But you don't have to sharpen it, you can also cut the top off.
lol. much better than ruining the rod.
&nbsp;its actually named a 'turret'...
39 lpus 2 extra greys on pic3<br />
You know extreme builder your knex revolver reminds me of the death penalty from dirge of cerberus
I got confused on a few parts and i wuz missing some necessary peices so mine came out a little different but it can shoot 3 rubberbands at a time :)
<p>Well i worked more on mine so now it only shoots one but it shoot a lot farther and i can store like 40 rubber bands on it at a time, too bad i only have one right now :( i call it the Behemoth :) I would show a pic of it but im too lazy and my camera and cord are downstairs and i dont feel like getting it sorry ill show a pic later if you want</p>
i cant figur out ow to make that peice inbetween the grey peices the pics are to hard for me to see<br />

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