Introduction: 8-Shot K'nex Gun

I was messing around with KillerK's Magnum, and found i could make it hold 8 shots. I figured i may as well post it - it is a whole new type of reloader (i'm pretty sure it is) The farthest I got it to shot was about 13 yards. The shortest was 7 yards.
Special thanks to KillerK for his magnum.

Step 1: Building the Barrel

These are the instructions for building the parts of the barrel - some of them will be put together now, others put to the side for later attachment.
1.) Build these
2.) Put the yellow connector pieces on to the specific pieces
3.) Then attach them with green connectors (The yellows)
4.) Connect these two parts
5.) Attach step four to this
6.) What you should have now
7.) Build these for later
And your done with this part

Step 2: Building the Handle

This is how you build the handle for the "Magnum"
1.) First attach these green pieces to the red rod. 10 green connectors.
2.) This is what it should look like.
3.) Connect the two yellow connectors to a different rod like so.
4.) Then slide the red rod with the yellow connectors onto the red rod with the green connectors.
5.) this is what you should have. Please note that the yellow connectors DO NOT snap onto the red rod with the green connectors on it. (See picture 6)
6.) The yellow connectors shown here, not connecting.
7.) Put on these two gray connectors, and then put five more green connectors on, so they look similar to the first ten.
8.) This is what you have now.
9.) Build these two things, and then set them aside with the handle for later.
Done with the handle construction now.

Step 3: The Revolving Reloader

This is the part that allows you to hold 8 "bullets" at once, with no need for manual reload.
1.) Build THREE of these.
2.) Build THREE of these. (slightly different from the first!)
3.) Connect them all with a blue rod, using the spaces in the first three for the connection.
4.) This is what you have so far.
5.) Slide a grey rod through the center of the whites.
6.) Put one of these on each side, to hold it in place.
7.) this is what you have.
That is the Reloader part.

Step 4: Building the Firing Pin and the Important Upper Part Thingy.

These are important parts to the function of the gun.
1.) Build this
2.) Attach a yellow rod to the firing pin.
3.) Put a rubber band on it like this. a problem with my gun is that the firing pin needs to be long. When i don't put a rubber band around mine, it breaks.
4.) Build this
5.) Put your two rubber bands in-between the connectors.
6.) Put a blue on the top.
That is those parts finished

Step 5: Trigger

This is the trigger. People, please don't get angry at me for needing a brokne piece. Hopefully, you have built KillerK's Magnum, and already have one of these. If not, then break off the top part of the green connector using a hammer and a screw driver.

1.) This is what the connector should look like.
2.) Put it on a white rod, with these things on both sides.
That is the trigger.

Step 6: Connecting the Parts Part One

This is how you connect all the parts together, in order to make the gun.
1.) Attach the handle to the part of the barrel that has the lose orange connector on it.
2.) Attach those two pieces you built earlier for the trigger.
3.) At the front of the piece that has the handle on it, attach these three red pieces. (The could be any color except white, really.)
4.) Go ahead and set the firing pin in place on top of the barrel part.
5.) This step is a bit of a jump, so stay with me. First, get one of the pieces that you built just after building the barrel, and set it on top of the existing build. Then pick up the top half of the barrel, and hold it in place. Then place the other re-inforcing piece on the back - just hold it for now.
6.) place these three blues on to hold the reinforcements in place.

Step 7: Connecting the Parts Part Two

The second half of completion.
1.) Attach the "Thingy" to the fron end of the barrel. The two greens on the bottom area of the yellows should connect to the bright yellow connectors (in my model). Go ahead and put the rubber bands onto the firing pin.
2.) Attach the trigger. Make sure the broken part is facing the handle.
3.) This shows where one side of the rubber band goes to make the trigger system work. It goes UNDER the "floating" orange piece, with the green rod on the floating piece faces the end of the barrel.
4.) showing the other half of the rubber band for the trigger.
5.) These just keep the whites out of the way. The whites are safties, but I dont use them :)
6.) take the Reloader, and just slide the gray piece into the three connectors at the front.
7.) This is what it should look like. YES IT SHOULD BE CROOKED.
8.) Put a rubber band on the gray rod, and then put a gray connector in between it. Then put it where it shows.

Step 8: Preparing the Gun.

This is in detail how to load the gun.
1.) This is what i use for ammo. Red rods don't go very far, and blue rods are to short. The ends could be anything, I guess.
2.) First, wind the reloader so that the gray connector next to the rubber band goes around twice. Hold the reloader in place, and cock the firing pin back.
3.) Put one bullet into the chamber that is nearest to the firing area. Once it is there, you can let go of the reloader. Then go ahead and place the other 7 bullets into the holes. (sorry picture got cut off)

Step 9: Firing the Gun

Not much to be put here, but:
1.) When you fire the gun, mind your fingers - you dont want the firing pin to hit them.
2.) After each shot, you have to recock the firing pin. Sorry, I don't know how to make a semi-automatic
3.) Don't go shooting someone/something. It doesn't hurt to much, but it is annoying.
4.) If you have any siblings, don't tell them how to use it, they will just shoot you.
Happy Hunting!


Alingarhs made it! (author)2007-07-07

seems like another killerK "upgrade"

smidge147 made it! (author)smidge1472007-07-08

more like a downgrade.

H1T4TCH1 made it! (author)H1T4TCH12010-08-10

he invented the turret mechanism, you dull-minded noob.

An Villain made it! (author)An Villain2010-07-07

Whoo! BumperCars! *Hits Smidge147 with car*

Knex_Gun_Builder made it! (author)Knex_Gun_Builder2008-07-15

Quit being mean to him if you dont like it get off and stay off smidge147.Good job Fricai_Andlat

sniper crazy made it! (author)sniper crazy2008-02-11

screw you this is an upgrade you gerk off

sniper crazy made it! (author)sniper crazy2008-02-11

dude you think your so great ya right lol

Metal4God made it! (author)Metal4God2007-09-11


captianchase made it! (author)captianchase2007-07-11

how is it a downgrade, it goes from 1 shot to 8 shots

Mike Cortes made it! (author)Mike Cortes2007-08-09

its a downgrade b cos it shoots about 30 feet. i made the original shoot different rods and i mage it go about 48 feet. so smidge is right, well he usally is. lol.

captianchase made it! (author)captianchase2007-08-09

its less powerful, but now it shoots 8 rounds instead of 1 (the power normal goes down as the amount of rounds go up)

Mike Cortes made it! (author)Mike Cortes2007-08-10

i only care about power. cos i want to hurt my friends at school. lol. wel not my friends but my class mates. now that im getting about 1000 more pieces of knex i can make guns with more than 1 shot.

Fricai_Andlat made it! (author)Fricai_Andlat2007-07-09


Fricai_Andlat made it! (author)Fricai_Andlat2007-07-08

It is...i would say more, but there is nothing more to say.

An Villain made it! (author)2010-07-07


DJ Radio made it! (author)2009-09-21

This is terribly underrated.

knex gun maker made it! (author)2009-05-23

sweet gun dont listen to nasty comment from other peope its a wicked design

dancingcat made it! (author)2008-11-26

i think u are awesome and dont listen to people who say you arent keep on building

hippos are dangerous made it! (author)2008-05-19

when you run out of ammo just smack the person you were trying to shoot with the mag

Reiben made it! (author)Reiben2008-06-28

kill zone style

345138 made it! (author)2007-10-08

i dont really know it just wont work

agent harmsy made it! (author)2007-09-30

cool! i like the multi shot idea, i'll have to put it on my k'nex magnum. btw does "death-friend" mean anything to you?

Fricai_Andlat made it! (author)Fricai_Andlat2007-10-07

hahaha - finally, someone gets the reference

agent harmsy made it! (author)agent harmsy2007-10-07

yeah, im good at that :)

345138 made it! (author)2007-09-14

it doesnt work..

Fricai_Andlat made it! (author)Fricai_Andlat2007-10-07

whats wrong - revolver not turning? jamming? i might be able to help

04bobby1 made it! (author)2007-09-22

I looked at the instructions this is so simple it is brilliant welldone im gona make it

quincy85wrestler made it! (author)2007-07-07

Uh....I don't know if I'm the only one who noticed but... this is all pretty much a copy of my instructable. camera angles, part setups, all the same.

Fricai_Andlat made it! (author)Fricai_Andlat2007-07-08

Maybe - i think i saw yours some where along the way when i was looking at things, sorry if i intruded.

Fricai_Andlat made it! (author)Fricai_Andlat2007-07-08

but i didn't intentionally copy anything - i just wanted to make sure people had some of the basic parts of KillerK's gun, and then adapt from there.

Mike Cortes made it! (author)Mike Cortes2007-08-10

dont be sorry, he is just being redidilous. the only thing that can be copied in this site is other instructables.

Mike Cortes made it! (author)Mike Cortes2007-08-10

i only have to say one thing about you. S A D.

conor1148 made it! (author)conor11482007-08-01

camera angles? your worried about someone stealing that? thats pretty sad...

oodalumps made it! (author)oodalumps2007-07-08

You're complaining about this guy copying because of the "camera angles". Ever stop to think about where you got the design for the gun in your instructable?

Metal4God made it! (author)Metal4God2007-07-16

guys come on how many killerk pistol copies and now theres his magnum copies. Is the world coming to an end.=(

knexster made it! (author)knexster2007-07-07

Um how excactly is it a copy of your instructable? He turned a 1 shot into a 12 shotand he did it very nicely. Secondly i dont see any simlilarities between camera, and parts. Nice Job Fricai

knexlord made it! (author)2007-07-19

yea it is kindof i made mine from that desighn

knexlord made it! (author)2007-07-19

thanks for the ammo barrel desighn i used it to make a revolver nice job

mmzdaniel made it! (author)2007-07-08

i like it, but do you have to spin the revolving part, or it spins alone?

Fricai_Andlat made it! (author)Fricai_Andlat2007-07-09

before loading it, you spin it around twice (or more - whatever) but after that, you dont spin it until you have shot off all the shots (the rubber band spins it) and then want to put more shots in.

mmzdaniel made it! (author)mmzdaniel2007-07-10

cool ill build when ill be back home...

Loosewire; SOE Operative made it! (author)2007-07-08

nice mod

Easy Button made it! (author)2007-07-07

pretty cool like a revolver kinda thing

Vynash made it! (author)2007-07-07


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