Introduction: 8 Times Tables With the Quick Brown Fox and the Musical Adventurists

An easy and fun way to learn your eight times table.
Join us and sing along!


I'm clever nice kind
I don't need to be a footballer
I have brains a great mind
It's clear one way or another
And oh my gosh
you wanna see me?
I'll tell you
this for free
8 times table - easy !

So it starts off really normal
We start steady with 8, 16
Argh, I'm sounding really formal,
Don't be dumb yeah you know what I mean!

What's next on the score
8 times 3 -
what a bore
say it proud 24!

I can times better than you!
You can't get past me
8x4 is 32,
ah yeah
after that it's 40

I got a lot longer to go mate
it's how I get my kicks
Listen up 8 6's are 48
what's next? 56

Boys, TV, x box are a real bore
But when I times 8 and 8 I make 64
Maths numbers and well you know who
Are as sweet and fierce as 72

After that is trendy 80,
ah yeah everyone knows that
Then it's 8 and his matey
88 you prat

I did that quicker than I thought - impressive
So I deserve some clicks
At last it's 8 times 12 yeah
-and it's 96

I'm clever nice kind
I don't need to be a footballer

Music by: Taylor Swift, Max Martin and Shelback
Lyrics by: The Musical Adventurists
Production: The Quick Brown Fox TV London 2016

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tomatoskins (author)2016-08-18

Very fun!

Thank you so much :) Glad you like it

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