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Introduction: 8 Track December Daily Notebook - Bing Crosby

This 8 Track December Daily notebook is made out an old 8 track tape that I found at the thrift store for a nickel. 
A December Daily is a notebook that is used for tracking daily events in December. Ideally, you'd take a picture each day and write about the events of that day.  It's a great way to track memories each year. I hope you like it! Here are instructions:

Supplies Needed
1 - 8 track tape
1 - drill with small bit
1 - hole punch
Scrap paper (at least 31 pages)
Bakers twine

1. Open the 8 track tape
2. Remove the inside tape and plastic spool
3. Drill holes on the sides for the binding
4. Cut up some scraps of scrapbook paper
5. Punch holes along the side of the paper
6. Use scrap embroidery thread and bakers twine to complete the binding
7. Embellish.  I used  embellishments that I had from other projects



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    Very cute! I've never heard of a Daily, but it sounds like a great idea! Especially if you can capture each day with one picture :) Have you made others of these? You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!