$8 Wooden Box Computer Case Mod!!


Introduction: $8 Wooden Box Computer Case Mod!!

I built a mainstream gaming computer and fit it all in a box I bought for $8 at the art store and you can do it too! 

Step 1: Gather Your Components

The parts of my computer include: 
Mother Board: I chose a mini Itx form factor because of it size. Zotac g45itx-b-e
A CPU: Core 2 duo E7500 2.93GHz
Ram: ddr3 2gb 1333mhz (any ram the is compatible with the motherboard is appropriate) 
Graphics card: Nvidia gt240(needed little power so I could save space with a micro Itx power supply)
CPU Cooler: Zalman  CNPS7000 ( looks fancy and works well)
power supply: 450watt micro ATX form factor
Hard Drive: I chose to use a laptop hard drive to maximize space (2.5" hard drive)
Computer Case Front Panel Wire Kit: This is very important as the computer would not turn on without one.
The Box: (30 x 15 x 10) or smaller should do not too small, you could even use a brief case(if you do please let me see!)
maybe some LEDs to brighten things up.

Step 2:

The Finished product... 



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    great job!!! I'm going to give it a try

    You have taste in CPU cooler's my friend! I have the same!


    yeah everything works fine i have been using for a couple of months. My original plan was a water cooled system, but money constraints and feasibility of the build changed my mind.

    Watch out your Serial ATA cables dont catch into your fan, that amazing fan, lucky person!

    Awesome Zotac Fan i REALLY wanna get one of thise but seeing as im building a liquid system (A PROPER one) i cant anymore!! :(

    As a FYI, Laptop HDD are a lot smaller, and dont come in over something like 1tb! also Seagate would be stupid to change the connectors of HDD!!!

    Where can I get these parts?
    Ok just the chest, all the chests i have come across are quiet expensive. Drop a bro a hint?

    1 reply

    check a local art store... i got mine from acmoore. I also finished it myself with some wood stain and lacquer.

    so... does the laptop sata drive use the same connectors as a normal sata drive?

    4 replies

    yeahh... surprisingly it does. there is little to no difference. just plug it in and it works. however this is only true for the *sata drives*


    good to know, in my city 2.5" sata's are pretty cheap.

    Lucky!... they are quieter and lighter.

    not to mention smaller.

    lool... they alway's... especially good for playing blueray movies ;] plus the look stylish lol