For those who don't already know how, or are having trouble with their mags, i'm going to show you 2 reliable ones!

Step 1: 15 Round Mag: Gather Parts

These are the parts you will need to make the Instructable.
(Tan Clips can be substituted for grey clips.)

Step 2: 15 Round Mag: Create Mag Sides.

Build the following.

Step 3: 15 Round Mag: Sliders

Construct as seen.

Step 4: 15 Round Mag: Add Pegs.

These will be needed for step 5.

Step 5: 15 Round Mag: Complete Sides.

Press white rods into the yellow connectors.

Step 6: 15 Round Mag: Join the Two Halves.

Just follow pictures.

Step 7: 15 Round Mag: Add Top.

Build as seen

Step 8: 15 Round Mag: Finished Product.


Step 9: 8 Round Mag: Gather Parts.

Collect these pieces.

Step 10: 8 Round Mag: Mag Sides

Build as seen.

Step 11: 8 Round Mag: Sliders

Build these.

Step 12: 8 Round Mag: Add Pegs.

These are needed for the next Step.

Step 13: 8 Round Mag: Join Slider to Mag Sides.

Clip the Whites into the Yellow connectors.

Step 14: 8 Round Mag: Join the 2 Mag Sides.

Follow pictures.

Step 15: 8 Round Mag: Create Top of Mag

Just follow the pictures.
Picture 2 is what the finished Step looks like.

Step 16: 8 Round Mag: Complete the Instructable.

Thats the End. Now all you have to do is Build a gun!
Very easy to mod to fire different types of Rod (i.e. Yellows - Replace Green rods (along the top) with blues.)
Thanks for Reading.
Anyone figured out  how to make a bb mag/hopper?
 yup. PM me.
i have a nice 20 mag on my pistol :) !!!!!!! yay me!
 should i post my 99 round mag? :P im not kidding
nice job, but I have one request.... I've made one, its great, except for the fact I haven't the slightest clue HOW to hook it up to a gun, so do you think you can tell us that, otherwise, thanks
Simple - on the gun try and have some pieces that have connectors free on top of the gun - put the small green rods into a vertical connector and clip the mag onto the green rod I'll see if I can post some pics - probs not but I'll give it a go ;D
huh<br />
how does this load into a barel wihout losing all the rounds?
Anyone help me attach this to a tan barrel? Thanks in advance :D
nice mags!!! but it wasn't necessary to make a Instructable.. You can make it from the pic ;)
interesting, maybe if someone just posts a barrel and someone else just posts a handle, we would have a freaking ausome frankengun! (not an insult, just a comment, I like just magazines, I suck at making them!)
I can make them but I stuck at attaching them.
yeah, me too, except when I make them, they usually suck and jam
I just made a big grey rod mag but I can't fix it to the gun.
harpoon gun? whatever it is it sounds beast!
hmm, sorry, no Ideas
Oh well!
I'll save you. Here. There is a mag pusher too.
Just get permission to modify crestind's red rod gun and just make the mag suitible for his gun.
I Agree. I tried to get the bullets to be pushed in. I tried with a spring, but it didn't work. Any Ideas?
try rubber bands
Other than the methods in use? No.
masteroknex,you must take 6 white rods and put it on the undersite(in the 4 yellow and the 2 orange connectors
it's a very good magazine!nice don!stars:5!
Thank you very much Peter Hurrell. xD
How the hell did you get my name? But not at all
do you go to repton school?
Was going to then decided not too. But will be going for A levels.
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Yeah, he got expelled didn't he? Someone famous did. . . .
i dont think he did, if i remember reading Boy...
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look back on this page, and read what i replied to repton 3
thats easy, hover your mouse ove the little pictures and it gets your name
i know how you do it haha
Look at this! This is what you should do to fit it on a AST rifle from Crestind. (I also added a mag pusher.)
Nice mags! They look cool. And they don't jam! I'll put a mag pusher in them and attach it to a gun.
cool instructable cool mag i attached to a gun and it works like a charm
in fact by 5 months
these were from before that guy...
i use my dads pc so you will get my dads name and not mine xDDDDD hahahahaha muhuhahahaha lol :D
Nice, im gona use this i my MS021
i live in the U.S.A., and I have a question. Could someone use these and publish an instructable, with credit to you? or is it just a mag that you use?
Yeh, people could make a gun using these mags, and give me some credit. I don't really mind if they don't it would be prefered but....

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