8 and 15 Round K'nex Magazines

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Introduction: 8 and 15 Round K'nex Magazines

For those who don't already know how, or are having trouble with their mags, i'm going to show you 2 reliable ones!

Step 1: 15 Round Mag: Gather Parts

These are the parts you will need to make the Instructable.
(Tan Clips can be substituted for grey clips.)

Step 2: 15 Round Mag: Create Mag Sides.

Build the following.

Step 3: 15 Round Mag: Sliders

Construct as seen.

Step 4: 15 Round Mag: Add Pegs.

These will be needed for step 5.

Step 5: 15 Round Mag: Complete Sides.

Press white rods into the yellow connectors.

Step 6: 15 Round Mag: Join the Two Halves.

Just follow pictures.

Step 7: 15 Round Mag: Add Top.

Build as seen

Step 8: 15 Round Mag: Finished Product.


Step 9: 8 Round Mag: Gather Parts.

Collect these pieces.

Step 10: 8 Round Mag: Mag Sides

Build as seen.

Step 11: 8 Round Mag: Sliders

Build these.

Step 12: 8 Round Mag: Add Pegs.

These are needed for the next Step.

Step 13: 8 Round Mag: Join Slider to Mag Sides.

Clip the Whites into the Yellow connectors.

Step 14: 8 Round Mag: Join the 2 Mag Sides.

Follow pictures.

Step 15: 8 Round Mag: Create Top of Mag

Just follow the pictures.
Picture 2 is what the finished Step looks like.

Step 16: 8 Round Mag: Complete the Instructable.

Thats the End. Now all you have to do is Build a gun!
Very easy to mod to fire different types of Rod (i.e. Yellows - Replace Green rods (along the top) with blues.)
Thanks for Reading.



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Anyone figured out  how to make a bb mag/hopper?

i have a nice 20 mag on my pistol :) !!!!!!! yay me!

 should i post my 99 round mag? :P im not kidding


nice job, but I have one request.... I've made one, its great, except for the fact I haven't the slightest clue HOW to hook it up to a gun, so do you think you can tell us that, otherwise, thanks

Simple - on the gun try and have some pieces that have connectors free on top of the gun - put the small green rods into a vertical connector and clip the mag onto the green rod I'll see if I can post some pics - probs not but I'll give it a go ;D

how does this load into a barel wihout losing all the rounds?

Anyone help me attach this to a tan barrel? Thanks in advance :D