Make your own awesome 8-bit centerpiece for your next video game-inspired dinner or event. It's simple, requires very little in the way of toolsor artistic talent, and stores flat for future use! Are you having a Super Mario Bros. themed wedding? Why not use characters instead of numbers to differentiate tables? These centerpieces are also great for childrens' parties - the possibilities are endless!

Step 1: What You'll Need

 - One sheet of paper-coated foam core board, 20" x 30" (see here for details)
 - Exacto-knife and cutting board
 - Long ruler
 - Pencil and eraser
 - Graph paper
 - Black fine-tipped permanent marker
 - Assortment of colored permanent markers
    (for this project, I used red, light green and dark green for the piranha plant)
Nice Idea, might be able to convince hubby to let me make a few of these as decorations for my son's first birthday. Theme: Zelda (Link). I wanted to make things to hang on the walls but since it's a fancy place he said no. BUT these don't need tape to hang on the "fancy walls."
Could use Perler beads too
Cool idea!
Awesome job. I love all things Mario. If anyone needs some 8 bit layouts I have many of the layouts mapped out of my Mario Snuggie instructable. <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Playable-Quilted-Mario-Snuggie/
I love 8 Bit art! Video Games in real life when done well, like your project, are absolutely stunning
Especially when you said centerpiece all I could think of was wedding table favors... I would love to have a retro game theme wedding reception...
Exactly what I was thinking - nice pairing!

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