Step 4: Adding Color

Going back to the reference image, you are now going to transfer your color placement to the cut out piece of the piranha plant. Think of it like a homemade paint-by-numbers: Designate one color your "number 1" and outline everywhere that colors goes. I chose black, since it determines the placement of all my other colors. Using the permanent markers, fill in the section, coloring 1 pixel at a time. I found this to be important, as large blocks of colors tended to look patchy when colored in sections and not by pixel.

Continue filling in the image using the paint-by-number technique with each subsequent color until your image is completely colored. One important note: if you are coloring in a section using a lighter, more transparent color, such as yellow or red, make sure to erase your pencil grid lines before you do so. Otherwise, you'll see the grid through the coloring.

Flip the piece over and color the second side in the same way. Color both sides of the extra base section as well.
Nice Idea, might be able to convince hubby to let me make a few of these as decorations for my son's first birthday. Theme: Zelda (Link). I wanted to make things to hang on the walls but since it's a fancy place he said no. BUT these don't need tape to hang on the "fancy walls."
Could use Perler beads too
Cool idea!
Awesome job. I love all things Mario. If anyone needs some 8 bit layouts I have many of the layouts mapped out of my Mario Snuggie instructable. <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Playable-Quilted-Mario-Snuggie/
I love 8 Bit art! Video Games in real life when done well, like your project, are absolutely stunning
Especially when you said centerpiece all I could think of was wedding table favors... I would love to have a retro game theme wedding reception...
Exactly what I was thinking - nice pairing!

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