remember those cubes from yr 1 and 2?
MARIO 8-bit

Step 1: Step One

hey all for this u will need

little counting cubes
glue gun
paint (red,black,flesh)
lots of patiance

Step 2: Painting Aarrh

hey now we got our stuff to make it with we are going to need some paint

i my self painted the red and fleash ones becouse i dident have any red or fleash color spray paint
so i took the very long way
did the black with spray tho so XD

for this step you are going to wont to folo the grain with the strokes

Step 3: Glueing

here is the one of the longest bit

this will take some time to get started but once you get on a roll you shoud be rite
half way thu this you will notice a warp begin dont try to counter act it
when possible glue a hole row of the same colors 1st then just glue the hole strip on to the half built mario lol

also i dident get many pics wile i was doing the glueing part

Step 4: Warper

when you have finshed the glueing stage you will deffantly notice a massive warp
i put it on the flatest surface i could find and lay ALOT of redgum onto of it hoping it will flaten it out
I'ts a me mario.
I thought his overalls were red, with his shirt a darker colour?<br /> <br /> Oh wel, still looks brilliant.<br />
Nice work, looks just like it.
Very good job! RETRO GAMING FTW!!!!!!!! Oh yes +1 !!
also note 1ST INSTRUTABLE yay
it is pretty awesome!

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