deconstruction round means that a pin pushes a bullet out of a clip, and the clip 'shoots' the bullet.

Step 1: The "barrel"

1,2. make this part
3. gather two white rods and connect them
4. finished

Step 2: Ammo Wheel

make these parts

Step 3: Build and Make Connections

these parts are a little hard to connect.

Step 4: The Handle

make the handle

Step 5: Add the Handle

self explanetory

Step 6: Make This Thingy

make this thingy

Step 7: Make the Barrel

make the barrel

Step 8: Make This Part

make the top of the gun

Step 9: The Only Rubber Band

add the only rubber band, sorry if this part is confusing

Step 10: Add This Part

this is just to make it look better

Step 11: Little Side Panels

these are little side panels, you dont need them, it does look better though.

Step 12: Ready, Aim, Fire!

to fire the gun, pull back the handle and watch that bullet fly...

and fall back to the ground two seconds and five feet later.

make sure that a bullet is always i the middle of the barrel, even if you need to hold the revolving wheel in place.
I HATE BLACK Y CONNECTORS ! some one send me good guns with out them PLEASE !
There are loads of guns without black Ys
where is the trigger
does it shoot?
thank you 1000000000000 times! you gave me a first &quot;ible &quot; design!<br>
I LOVE THIS GUN! I' m using smaller knex pieces. Is it still good?<br>
There are always better builds, but I still enjoys things like this.
Same. Oh yeah, speaking of better builds, I modded your T.B.O.S. and turned it into the Thunder Bolt Oodammo Eight Shot Revolver by combining bits from this with it :)
Good for you
is that yellow connector in the middle supposed to bend when you attach the white connectors?<br />
yes, it is<br />
Should I take apart my perfect PSG-1 for this?
Wait, You said you had like 50,000 peices.
Yeah, but this used up my green rods. I have 32,000 blue spacers, and then about 10,000 real pieces.
how'd you get so many?
why did u buy so many
Looking back, it wasn't worth the 10$.<br />
wait did you buy 32000 blue spaces for 10$<br /> lol :) :P :D xD
Yerp.<br />
If you are telling the truth, may I see a picture of these so called '32,000 blue spacers'?
wow ... XD lol
hehee<br />
because he's cool
no i mean why did he buy so many blue spacers?
i'll ask my dad about it, how long is dilervary and price ranges in $us?
It all depends, my friend.
you should build oompa's flak, wait HE DELETED IT!
I know! : (
i saved a bit of his mechanism if you want to see a picture (not stock, sight bar, or foregrip, just trigger, barrel and flak-area.)
That'll probably help, thanks a lot!
you are welcome, want me to post images?
If that's fine with him, sure!
i don't care if it is fine with him, if he didn't want me to post pictures he should not have removed his instructables.
Alright, then. Your choice.
Long story.
No, seriously! It is.
Message me it.
no it only shoots like 10 ft and i need you nay i want you to post it!!! thats an order!!!
Sir yes sir, Mister Klink, sir!
42 secconds ago yay ill send you to the russain front!!!
sorry ive watched to much hogans heros
weird firing.<br /> one rubber band<br /> doesn't shoot in a straight line<br /> i love it :D<br />
cool design and idea especially for 2007 but its old now and probably doesnt get over 10 feet
totally what is the thing?
if the rubberband on the bottom i revmoved, can it still shoot? if it does you win best answer for pure knex gun

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