8 Shot Deconstruction Round Revolver





Introduction: 8 Shot Deconstruction Round Revolver

deconstruction round means that a pin pushes a bullet out of a clip, and the clip 'shoots' the bullet.

Step 1: The "barrel"

1,2. make this part
3. gather two white rods and connect them
4. finished

Step 2: Ammo Wheel

make these parts

Step 3: Build and Make Connections

these parts are a little hard to connect.

Step 4: The Handle

make the handle

Step 5: Add the Handle

self explanetory

Step 6: Make This Thingy

make this thingy

Step 7: Make the Barrel

make the barrel

Step 8: Make This Part

make the top of the gun

Step 9: The Only Rubber Band

add the only rubber band, sorry if this part is confusing

Step 10: Add This Part

this is just to make it look better

Step 11: Little Side Panels

these are little side panels, you dont need them, it does look better though.

Step 12: Ready, Aim, Fire!

to fire the gun, pull back the handle and watch that bullet fly...

and fall back to the ground two seconds and five feet later.

make sure that a bullet is always i the middle of the barrel, even if you need to hold the revolving wheel in place.



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    I HATE BLACK Y CONNECTORS ! some one send me good guns with out them PLEASE !

    1 reply

    There are loads of guns without black Ys

    where is the trigger

    does it shoot?

    thank you 1000000000000 times! you gave me a first "ible " design!

    I LOVE THIS GUN! I' m using smaller knex pieces. Is it still good?

    Same. Oh yeah, speaking of better builds, I modded your T.B.O.S. and turned it into the Thunder Bolt Oodammo Eight Shot Revolver by combining bits from this with it :)

    is that yellow connector in the middle supposed to bend when you attach the white connectors?

    1 reply

    Wait, You said you had like 50,000 peices.

    Yeah, but this used up my green rods. I have 32,000 blue spacers, and then about 10,000 real pieces.

    why did u buy so many

    Looking back, it wasn't worth the 10$.

    wait did you buy 32000 blue spaces for 10$
    lol :) :P :D xD