Introduction: 8 Shot Knex Hand Cranked Gatling Gun

should i post this gun?
     it shoots 8 small white or grey rods as fast as you can spin it, and it goes about 25 feet with one doubled rubber band on each barrel.  the downsideis that it takes a while to load.

P.S. that is my sis in the back... she is there because she filmed the beginning...

 link for pics:


Drew99-KGB (author)2012-02-22

4 * for the little girl triyng to stay visible! 5* for your poker face over there! :)

tincanz (author)Drew99-KGB2012-02-22

Haha Thanks, I hope.

Drew99-KGB (author)tincanz2012-02-22

Lol, You hope?

tincanz (author)Drew99-KGB2012-02-24

I hope that your previous statement was worthy of thanks and was sincere.

Drew99-KGB (author)tincanz2012-02-24

Oh, lol yeah it was.

jaffawarrior1 (author)2012-02-16

gd one

kylekosan23 (author)2011-07-30

ya but u better post a new vid cause u dont want to show peeps in ur vids

tincanz (author)kylekosan232011-07-31

What's wrong with my beautiful face? haha

kylekosan23 (author)tincanz2011-07-31


leon0862 (author)2010-02-24

looks to simple and easily breakable but five stars for your little sister

~KGB~ (author)2009-11-30

looks flimsy

tincanz (author)~KGB~2009-11-30

but do you think I should post how to make it?

lhinkle (author)tincanz2010-01-02


~KGB~ (author)tincanz2009-11-30

if you really wanted too....

tincanz (author)~KGB~2009-11-30

the frame is a little flimsy, but I designed it like that intentionally. because the prongs on the bottom dig into the carpet I can flex it slightly to adjust where it aims(up or down)

DJ Radio (author)tincanz2009-11-30

You should make the base a bit higher, and make it sturdier. 

tincanz (author)DJ Radio2009-12-01

should I post how to make it after the additions you spoke of are added?

DJ Radio (author)tincanz2009-12-01

Post some pictures and I can give you a response.

tincanz (author)DJ Radio2009-12-02

 ok I posted pics click the link in the ible

~KGB~ (author)tincanz2009-11-30


Mr. Muggle (author)2009-12-02

You should add a handle, a trigger and a body, Strengthen it and ad a motor, then post

tincanz (author)Mr. Muggle2009-12-02

I dont have a motor, you can grab the white sonflake peice in the front of the firing bar, and a trigger does nothing, and I explained to knex gun builder why it is okay for it to be flimsy

Mr. Muggle (author)tincanz2009-12-02

In that case I don't think you should post

MteamyMcHotsauce (author)2009-11-30

hey dun nice vid good design and yes you should post hoow to build it
ps ellie was so cute in that video 

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