Picture of 8 ways to wear your favourite shawl/scarf
Hello everyone! I’m back with my new, favourite shawl (the knitted Sunday Market Shawl) and the 8 different ways to wear it! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the same shawl, because I’m sure you have a big scarf or old shawl waiting for you in a corner of your closet.

Let’s explore the 8 looks together! Use this figure and other photos to guide yourselves! 

Step 1: All 8 Looks

Picture of All 8 Looks
Check out the 8 looks
Can you tell me the measurements of yours so I can make one. These are cute and easy. I need this now. Thanks
kireeb8 months ago

Yay, I got a shawl for Christmas and I have never ever had something like this before so your post here is fantastic. Really cool ideas, thanks.

deofthedead3 years ago
I love it! I have so many shawls/scarves like this and I can never figure out how to wear them. I knew I could tie them in a variety of ways, but I didn't think of these- Thanks so much for posting this!

Well, I definitely know what I'm wearing tomorrow. :D
gwenstella (author)  deofthedead3 years ago
that's so great to hear! i'm glad that you like my post!

sadly, a year has passed since i knitted this shawl and i don't really like it as much anymore. :(
Nice! Might want to stick with the A, B, C, D, labels all through the guide or just drop them. Other than that, clear, detailed, and well arranged.
thank you for your feedback! i'll bear that in mind in the future :)