Picture of 80 watt Foldable Solar Panel
Quad-Panel 3.jpg
Quad-Panel 1.jpg
I built this 12v portable, foldable solar panel for $68.00. It's 82 watts, 3.6 amps, and 22v open circuit. It folds into one very nice, very strong and protected carrying case 3/4 thick each piece. Each cell is incased with 10 mil laminate each side (20 mil total) pouches which definately doesn't make this hail proof but it does make each cell strong enough to be handled, mounted and touched with force without breaking.  If i break a cell, i simply cut it out and replace with a new one. These aren't designed to stay outside all the time, however if you add some deck sealant, it's pretty much water proof. 

The electrical wire, wood, and hinges, alligator clamps were all purchased from Lowes
The solar cells are purchased from ML Solar LLC "B" Grade
The laminating pouches were purchased off Amazon from Oregan Lamination Co
Tabbing Wire was also purchased off Amazon from Everbright Solar
Copper Slug and Snail Tape purchased off Amazon to make the connection from panel to panel.