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8020 is an industrial prototyping extrusion made from aluminium. I used it here to construct a chopper by joining the extrusions with water-jet cut plates of 1/4inch aluminum.

Step 1: Choose and Design the Type of Bike Frame You Wish For

Here are some of the options we designed at an MIT IAP class in 2003.

The CAD files are all included in this step.

Step 2: Choose the Connecting Parts From the Part Library or Design Your Own.

Picture of Choose the Connecting Parts From the Part Library or Design Your Own.

These parts will be cut from 1/4 or 1/2inch thick aluminum plate using a water-jet.


leevonk (author)2006-08-17

those rectangular extrusion things can be bought from a company with some german name. They're a little expensive though. People use them alot in robotics.

ashmc84 (author)leevonk2011-06-29

80/20 also makes them! contact:

dmitri11 (author)2009-06-22

what program did you use to make the drawings? i have never seen a .dxf file, autocad is .dwg

Marsh (author)dmitri112009-07-02

Autocad will load DXF files. It's a very popular import/export format among many different software packages.

$ NAB $ (author)2009-05-15

Where do you need to open the links ?

dirtydevil (author)2008-06-24

hi,these don't seem to work on any cad file reader like CAD viewer,and i also tryed 2 more all give an error

Bob Jackson (author)2007-05-15

Congratulations!!! That's awesome. Now can you build the Recumbent Bike out of 8020? I hope you can do it. I wish you the best luck on your next 8020 projects. Bob Jackson

buildingteen (author)2006-09-28

I'm building a chopper for my homecoming parade and I need a fat wheel for the rear where can I get one?

Switch (author)2006-05-07

Love it :D

Boss_Sauce (author)2005-12-19

i love that 8020 goodness! i wonder if you've weighed the bike? also... i wonder if you wouldn't mind saying what it cost you, in the end?

Boss_Sauce (author)Boss_Sauce2005-12-19

also-- forgot to ask-- you wear a helmet, right? 'cause it looks like the balance is skewed to the rear...:o

tomole (author)2005-08-31

I meant my cad progam (Bobcad) can't open these DXF files, unfortunately.

saul (author)tomole2005-12-15

hmm. might be something to do with me uploading them via a mac. I'll investigate.

tomole (author)2005-08-31

If it was a DXF file it could be easily loaded into a cad or even a cam program. Nice work!

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