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Introduction: 8020 Fastener Alternatives

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While building my cnc mill, domo, I found myself annoyed at the crazy go nuts shipping cost of 8020s fasteners.  Seven dollars is a bit absurd for a part that weights virtually nothing.  Being miserly and impatient I found a few other simple ways to join gussets to 8020 rails.

Step 1: 1/4 20 - Socket Cap Bolt and Diy Plate

There's not much to say about this little diy plate except that you can make it in minutes.


Hot Rolled 1/2 steel - You can can get this at any bigbox or order it here (.59c for 12")
Socket cap bolts - the ones shown here are from 8020 as they were left over, however you can use any 1/4-20 socket cap screws with a washer if required.  These are 1/2", yet 5/8" lengths should work.

You only need to drill and tap two holes on 1.5" on center or what ever distance fits your application.

Step 2: Socket Cap and Square Nut - 5/16

The square nut fits quite nicely in the slot.  You must use a washer since 3/4 will push into the back of the 8020 rail.  (I assume a 5/8 length bolt will work fit perfectly, yet did not try it.)

Here are the parts.  I purchased mine from Lowes but I've added links to online sites.

5/16 Socket cap @ 3/4
5/16 Lock washer
5/16 Square Nut

Step 3: Carriage Bolt 5/16

A 5/16 carriage bolt works great too!



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    I bought 2x 20foot lengths of 80/20 and after seeing the prices of the hardware I wrote it off as a loss. Thanks for the info, I put the lengths in the basement and forgot about them. Now in the future they will be used....thanks again.

    I'm starting my first 8020 project (simple tablesaw fence) and the tips are much appreciated.