This kit will allow you to turn your bicycle into a gasoline powered motorbike! 1 Gallon of fuel runs 150 miles!! The engine is designed to be pedal/chain started so you can start or stop the engine while riding! Speeds up to 40mph. To install this kit you will need some basic skills using tools and a few hours. Follow the user manuals stated gas/oil mix and adjustments. This kit will fit many bikes sold in your local bike shops!




There are two rear sprocket rubber packers. Cut one of them and only one. Cut only between the drilled holes.
Place the cut one inside of the spokes.
Place the other packer on the outside of the spokes.
Thread the nine bolts through the sprocket and use the half moon backing plates on the inside. Tighten all nine bolts moving across in a star fashion and a little at a time to allow for an even pull down. Once the sprocket is tight spin the wheel and check that the sprocket runs true.
Deviation can be no more than 1.5mm both ways. Any side-to-side excess deviation can be corrected by spinning the wheel and then tightening the sprocket where needed in order to get correct alignment. Make sure bolts are tight. Notice that concavity or indentation of teeth of the rear sprocket is inward towards spokes. This helps keep the chain closer to the inside of the wheel and spokes and allows for better clearance of the rear stays of the bicycle frame.
<p>have friends i am thinking so much so friends tell me any ideas</p>
<p>been reading up on uk regs, looks like its supposed to have an dvla inspection, and it falls under the classification of motorbike rather than assisted bicycle, than its get a log book numberplate tax and insurance, and im not sure if i need a cbt on top of my full drivers licence. Also its supposed to have a mirror on a specific side and a headlight with a dipped diffusion patturn. Driving without insurance attracts a chunky fine and other nastiness from the law. think i will stick to private land to mess with mine , unless im feeling flush,also tax is continous otherwise an annual sorn notification has to be made with details of its location, im putting a coaster on the back and a disk on the front,using an aluminium frame and slick skinny tyres..</p>
<p>im having a problem with chain clearance its rubbing on my tire. My bike is a huffy cruiser coaster breaks so i cant use both spacers. i need to mount my motor outwards slightly to get the clearance i need. mounting it to the frame is not going to work using the rear brackets that come with the kit. it was sugested that i drill a single hole in the frame and mount it using one bolt. this brings it out too far. any ideas how i can mount it to get the clearance i need?</p>
<p>Hey man! will the motor be able to a bike with the a seat tube thats 32mm and a downtube thats 36 mm? it would be awesome if you could anwser this as i want this enginge kit as fast as possible :D Btw great instructable!</p>
I've been riding these in the UK for the last 6 years. built many bikes now for myself and friends. Brest advice is to just keep up on the maintenance. problems I've encountered in the past are :- chain idler deciding it wanted to be part of the wheel at 40mph - yes that hurt. make sure your mounts are right and true - of not the vibrations will just snap the studs. most importantly - remember the fuel/oil ratio a of you get it won't you will seize the engines. I seized 2 in 2 weeks after stupidly under oiling the fuel.
<p>uk is notorious for laws and regulations - i'm certain when brits leave to visit us they fall in love with more freedom ...</p>
<p>just about the whole purpose for one of these is so u dont have to register, license and certainly not insure a stinking bicycle !! people with DWI's that cant drive a car use these to get around, .. also some homeless do .. and people not wanting the expenses of a car living nearby things .. 5-6 miles is a long haul on one of these , the 50cc ran good , with proper break in and gentle use .. u give it to a teenager who wants to test limits and itll be gone inside of 2 weeks .. 20mph is about right .. too much more and your winding the engine hard (25-30) ... 10-15 is also nice cause its quite and very stable/controllable .. again, i cant emphasize enough, coaster breaks are insufficient at these speeds .. if your in the country then thats a different story ..</p>
<p>i did the 50cc kit few yrs ago .. 1st one did it part time took a month jan to end -- coaster bike breaks are not enough for stopping power - need disk or calipers, which do not come on a beach cruiser standard ... the chinese instructions had many many extra things to do, were poorly written/missing things .. it was a lot of work .. prob 8 hrs my first one from start to end ... and certain areas have legality issues .. the muffler system can be improved (made quiter) by putting a foot of electrical conduit onto the end of it and also gets the smoke going behind you more .. instead of the sound reflecting off the ashalt underneath ..</p>
<p>I installed mine 2 months ago and LOVE it! I'm 2 1/2 miles up a dirt road and if it does get bogged down, which is rare, I just have to pedal a little bit to get me up the hill. You need to stay on top of it thought. Check all that maintenance stuff, double-nut your connections when you can and locktite when you can't. Always keep the tools with you to do a complete tear down and rebuild, and always wear a helmet.</p>
I had one of these motor kits once. It was so cheap, that the motor literally fell apart. All the taps for the holes in the crankcase stripped out, and there was even a casting flaw where there was a big hole in the crankcase. Ran like garbage, was unbalanced, extremely loud due to cheap aluminum case, and never idled right. Didnt even get 70 MPG. more like 30. Also never went faster than 27 MPH. Be old-fashoned. build your own motorbike. Stay away from this China garbage.
Thanks for the advice, but mine works great and aslong as you know what you are doing you can work around the problems.
Warning: in the UK, this conversion will require you to:<br><br>&gt; Have a full motorbike license, not a provisional<br>&gt; Get an independent MOT check on the vehicle (they will probably require you to upgrade the brakes to motorbike quality)<br>&gt; Have full insurance<br>&gt; Fit proper license plates<br>&gt; Wear a proper motorcycle helmet<br>&gt; Install a full lighting system, including indicators and license-plate illumination

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