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I love making bags. I always want something fun, tough and new which can be tricky to find or expensive. There are two main types of messenger bag I like to make. One is more utilitarian. It's bigger, it's tougher, it's my biking, hauling, ass kicking bag. It's in the Chrome Industries direction. The other type is a bit smaller, more stylish and while not a purse (I have too much stuff for that), I can wear it with a pair of heels. Think Queen Bee bags with a bit more edge.

It's essentially the same pattern and with some variables. And once you get the idea, you can make the perfect bag to carry you life in.

If it's your first time making a messenger bag, this is a good pattern to go with since it can be pretty forgiving, but, like most utility sewing, it can be rough on a machine if you use heavy weight fabric. 

*** Per the urging of my friends, I've got a couple of bags up on Etsy that you can check out here ***
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
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First off, get all your materials together. Check out the notations on the pic for more info.

I wanted to make this bag a bit tough, so I used a marine vinyl for the lining so I could just wipe out the smushed peaches after riding home from the farmer's market. For the exterior I used a nylon that had a waterproof backing. It was the only thing that was the right color and weight... and it was on sale, so there you go. The price can vary wildly on fabrics depending on where you go and what you select. This pattern will work with almost any fabric, but works best mid to heavy weight. 

If you use 54" or wider fabric, you can get away with a half yard for each the lining and exterior. 

Thread: I forgot to put thread in the pic, but you'll need it to match the colors of your bag, lining and stripes.

The pattern is dead simple for the main part of the bag and pockets. It's a rectangle that is 41"x18" with rounded corners on one side. I use a bowl to make sure the rounded parts are even. If you're only making one, you don't even need to make a pattern, just measure it all out on the fabric.

Strap wings: I recommend making a template for these. Draw a right triangle at 10.5"x7.5". Use the same bowl from above to round out one side of the triangle and then snip the bottom of the the other side so that there it is 3/4" across. 

satellitewendy made it!6 months ago

Great bag, Thanks for the info!

I would add that it's convenient to finish the inside lip at the same time as working on the flap- it's the other side of the rectangle, so to speak, and sewing it up with a 3/4" seam (then trimming,and topstitching!) makes a nice clean edge.

adisetiya8 months ago

I like this tutorial. thanks

TigerNod9 months ago

Hello, I have no experience with sewing whatshoeever but I am very enclined to make this. Can I do it without any experience? Also do I need a sewing machine?

ffcabral1 year ago
I really love the black and white one. :)
leftmusing (author)  ffcabral1 year ago
can we just stop for a second and talk about how one of them has VHS tapes in it?
leftmusing (author)  lolmongoose1 year ago
How else do you watch movies?
sabu.dawdy1 year ago
this is a beauty