8BITches "What's Your Gear" - Chip Hop Created on Gameboys and Homemade Vocoders




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Introduction: 8BITches "What's Your Gear" - Chip Hop Created on Gameboys and Homemade Vocoders

What is Chip Hop? It's Big Pick Zel-rhymes/circuit scratching, 8BIT Ché-Gameboy/revolutionary beats and Li'L BIT-vocoder/casio vl-tone/moog. It's pop music that has geek appeal.. And mass appeal. It's a new era, a fusion--8BITches are the only people rapping about video games , the blue screen of death, online lifestyle over original beats and sounds - no sampling. It's the 8 Bit sound track for the online generation.



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    What are they up to nowadays?

    I'm curiosu to know how they got the gameboys to do the music? Is just a game or are the gm's hacked?

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    Ill direct you to around 1:50... he runs a program called "Little sound DJ" which is a synth and sequencer for the gameboy :)

    Heh. Agreeing with everybody else, you should post a video of the performances. :-O

    We just shot a show in Portland, ME last friday and as soon as it's ready, we'll upload it! For now, go to http://www.myspace.com/redcarrecords and listen to 'Gravemind' from 8BITches. Their myspace page links off there, too.

    You should definatly post a video of you guys(and gal) playing

    Post some videos of them in concert, or some of them actually playing.

    Phatty. You guys should post some links to your performances so we can see how it all comes together.