8Bit Black Mage Computer Case





Introduction: 8Bit Black Mage Computer Case

I had the idea for this case in January but did not order the wood until late june and began the recording. This is about 50-60 hours of video into 8 minutes. I put alot of unrecorded hours in also. Not positive on total time spent on this case. My goal was to make it look 8 bit from any side you look at it. I've had some remarks that it resembles the wizard from super mario bro's which is understandable with the rod and all.

2000+ 1 inch wooden cubes
4 Elmer's glue wood bottles
Right hand is power button
Mouth is dvd tray
Fan controller/Media reader on bottom
7 port usb on shoulder (4top/3bototm)
Weighs ALOT
Hat IS removable (for travel)
2 250mm fans.

Just entered it into a competition: http://moddingcomp.custompc.co.uk/project/301/Black+Mage if anyone has a second to vote I would appreciate it but I don't want to turn this into a please vote for me video as I did not make this case for competition. I made it for enjoyment and to have something personal. Would be really neat to win with my first case mod. I appreciate the comments enough as it is :). You guys are great!



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What is that flashing light thing on the wall at 7:45?

hey this was in this months maximum pc rig of the month thing

Awesome, insane, & insanely awesome. Even if it wasn't a computer case it is still a great art piece.

Thanks! I love art that can be used for things other than on a display.

Good job! Since your made this thing out of wood, I'm curious as to know how hot it gets internally.

It only has the 2 250mm fans for cooling. Intake is at the back and it vents underneath. Speedfan: Temp 1: 21C Temp 2: 29C HD0: 34C Core 0:34C Core 1: 36C Core 2: 28C Core 3: 33C All down arrows which are indicating good temperatures.

Wow. I can see that the time and effort were well spent. HADOKEN. Nah, but anyway, this is great!

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