Picture of 8U Rack Case From IKEA RAST Table
I was in need of an instrument rack to hold all of my music equipment, however I was not willing to pay about £60 for one. I discovered the IKEA LACK rack, made from a coffee table. On going to IKEA to buy one, I was a bit disappointed as the LACK coffee table is very big for what I need, and also the construction quality is rubbish - the legs are made from a honeycomb cardboard structure and are very flimsy. However later on I saw the RAST bedside table. Upon measuring it, I was very happy to discover it was 19 inches inside - the exact dimension for rack mount gear. I bought one and took it home to find it was perfect for a rack. It is made of solid pine wood so it is very sturdy, but also attractive. There is also a very handy shelf on the top to put other bits of gear such as mixers, drum machines or effect boxes.

You can stain or paint it as you like. Unmodified, it can only hold 6 rack units, but if you lower the shelf, you can hold up to 8. The final cost of this project is about £25.
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ggoerl7 months ago

Hey, do you happen to know the sizes of everything you used? the size and length for the shelf screws as well as the rack screws? I would also like to know what size bit you used.

maverickbna9 months ago

Do you think this would be sturdy enough to handle rackmount servers? I'm helping a colleague build a server rack for a couple servers, as well as switches, perhaps even communications gear.

Check out the LACK tables from IKEA. Great for DIY server racks. I'm building one myself right now. You can pick one up for 8 bucks. Sturdy and the perfect size.

edencane1 year ago
hahaha... not lately but I have used it in the past... I mainly use the software versions these days, fm8
edencane1 year ago
wtf... why is the photo in landscape?
Harrymatic (author)  edencane1 year ago
Great work - looks really professional.
By the way - nice Yamaha TX81Z. (been using the 'lately bass' preset by any chance?)
edencane1 year ago
Great idea! I made one. See image (((-:
notimeoff1 year ago
Nice work only changes I would make are: Use wheels with screw plats ( single hole wheels as you have them tend to break out of the wood ), after you tests fit everything GLUE>>>GLUE>>>GLUE all the joints, add a work / night light and you have the works.
Hitting the parts box and IKEA this week :-)
Keep it coming
yokozuna2 years ago
Five stars, and fav'ed. Great project.
Danielk2 years ago
Talk about a perfect fit! Beautiful!
Harrymatic (author)  Danielk2 years ago
I could not believe it when I found out it was spot on perfect for 19" rackmount gear. I can only assume that the IKEA designers are secretly designing the furniture with other uses in mind...